Aug 28, 2016

The hornie winner

 Greetings folks.  Random selected Grand Mary as the winner of the hornbook.  She is not no-reply!  So I will contact her shortly.
Thanks everyone for the sweet comments, still surprised at the number of entries and thanks to all for participating.
We had a very humid day and now I have rashes wherever the electrode patch has been or is currently.  Too much sticky sweat with no where to go.  All was quiet for days and as soon as I get in a store, beep beep beep!  Maybe all my run-ins with mannequins and poles created repressed anxiety. 
I tried to give Nitzy his flea meds while he was sleeping on the garage floor.  All our steps were made 6" high so it would be easier for mom, and sitting on one that low was a big mistake.  As soon as my butt crashed into it and my knees were chest high I knew I was in trouble.  I didn't realize what a drop it would be to land only 6" higher than the floor.  But I decided to give the meds a shot since I knew I was stuck there for a while.  He looked at me, blinked, I started scratching and talking, and as I was contorting to get through the fat knees and bent legs, the monitor slipped out of the tshirt pocket and hit him.  So there I am, an open vial of flea meds, a cat hiding under a car, muscles screaming, knee joints ready to burst, and no way to get up.  Fall over and get up on my knees?  I couldn't.  My legs were locked (folded) so high I couldn't raise my foot off the floor.  So I leaned backward and spotted an umbrella by the steps, used it to extricate my foot from the floor and it sprung off like a snark-in-the-box.  I was fine, but Nit won't come near me for the next week.
One more thing- saw this on a Facebook page and thought it was a great idea.  Too bad I already got rid of my quilt stands.  With wire or regular baskets this would be great in a kitchen, pantry, entry (mail, gloves, glasses, boots) or a bath, even filled with fat quarters and supplies in a sewing room.  Original post is HERE.  It looks like the rails were unscrewed to loosen and then turned to an angle to hold the baskets.
Have a great week.
So sad August is over, and so hard to believe!
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