Sep 15, 2016

Does size really matter?

Our first year growing Marconi frying peppers and oh my.  They are sweet, heavy fleshed, and delicious raw.  Did I mention size?
If we personally knew the horses that contributed the truckload of manure, we would bring them lots of carrots and goodies. 
Our pepper plants are shoulder height to me and although staked, the heavy rains and weight of their bounty have created a tangled web of plants. 
The hot peppers we tried this year, Golden Dagger, were as large as this Marconi.  We've canned and canned and the only left on the plants are these youngsters.  The Hungarian Wax grew no larger than prior years so I'm assuming these two varieties are just monsters.  Definitely plant again next year.
I've decided to forget Etsy and just offer what little I have on the blog page, soon.  Will let you know several days in advance.  The printer, same one that did this times before, has stopped printing in black again.  We've taken all the steps we followed previously to get it working properly again, and I won't know for a few days if I can continue.  The new printer I purchased the last time this happened, was a waste of money.  The printers seem to focus on multi tasking and speed rather than clarity and I followed the salesgirl's advice, big mistake.  So the items will be limited. 
After all the trouble I've been having, starting over with color management and such with a new one is just not in me right now.  I went to several places trying to copy the test labels but they looked like hell.  So if things work out and there is enough interest, I can make more when I find the suitable remedy.  Right now, the finish I use is curing, they are satin and semi gloss because (hopefully) the hornie and squares will be handled and used.
No stitching yet.  Yesterday was another day running Carole around, her new bridgework has broken four times since spring.  Mark took her this time, I had appointments and consults about getting back on anti-coagulants.  Haven't decided what to do, for a number of reasons.  She and Mark conspired during the trip to ask for haircuts, so they each got clipped after.  I think I cut hers a little too short but it grows so fast she'll be fine with it. 
Zucchini pizzarelles, pancakes, whatever you call them, frying right now. 
Have a great weekend - stay safe.


Beth in IL said...

Love those peppers!

Heritage Hall said...

Those Marconi's are outstanding. Are they mild or hot?
I shared your zucchini recipe with a dear Friend (great
cook) and the next day she dropped off some for my enjoyment.
You are right, Marly, great recipe for party pleasing....
Many thanks.

gracie said...

Amazing peppers

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Holy wow those peppers!! Zucchini pancakes - yum!

Rugs and Pugs said...

That's the biggest pepper I've ever seen!
How nice hubby took Carole.
Hugs :)

Maggee said...

Our neighbors brought us some peppers last week... Big green ones like your Marconi shape, and smaller but not tiny red ones... If they told Bill what they were, he didn't hear it or remember it by the time he showed me them! Yours look fantastic! Looking forward to seeing the sets go up for sale...

Barb said...

Those peppers are just amazing. I love good sweet peppers. Sure hope Carole is better soon.

Theresa said...

Your peppers are amazing. Our garden didn't do well this summer. Too hot and dry here in Michigan. However, we have a bumper crop of apples here in Michigan due to the hot summer. So come visit our cider mills.

C. M. Designs said...

The fertilizer that you used is what my Dad used years ago. He always had the most beautiful BIG garden and wonderful vegetables of all kinds.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Wow, great produce. Those papers look amazing and are large enough for stuffing with lots of good things.

Lynda Harrison said...

Amazing peppers - they won't grow like that here! ( Just as well, the other half won't eat them!)
You too have a brilliant weekend, and take care.

diamondc said...

Marly: Oh my gosh the pepper is amazing, I love all peppers.
I am so sad you are still having issues with that %^*&#@$ printer so sorry for the bad word, I feel for you we had the same problem so now we only buy cheap printers and they do just fine.
I think your Husband must be like mine very kind and generous to Family members.


Daniela Bencúrová said...

A great harvest!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Yikes...they are huge. Your thumb is very green, mine is very brown. I love peppers, but are these HOT? Which is OK by me but not too many.
Your hubs sounds like mine...very giving people. We are lucky.

It is cooling down here...only in the mid 80's and LOW humidity(this is the killer for me).

Enjoy those peppers, you lucky bird.


Sarah Marchuk said...

the pepper plants look awesome. I may just have to do as you did next year.

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