Sep 9, 2016

When will I learn

There is no reason to size and color labels all afternoon when I only have 12 corner measure sets to sell.  Why do I continue to make more work for myself, and cause my head to spin with decisions?  Just offer two sets and that's it!  But no, I like this one better.  But what about this one?  And how could I leave this one out?  My head hurts.
While Bud lounges beneath the flower filled wagon, Missy chooses the wash tub.
To give you an idea of how large my Limelight Hydrangea bush flowers are, compare them to my man hands.

Second weekend in September.  Christmas decorations are out!  Damn.
Enjoy your weekend.


Barb said...

Your limelights are huge and so beautiful. Mine are smaller but are in a lot of shade. I think they need more light. I do like all those tags!

Heritage Hall said...

My-O-my, those hydrangea...The "man's hands" have golden
fingers and green thumbs... Do we all lament the rushing
of the Seasons? I cannot wrap my head around Christmas
yet. Love those tags.... what happened to the hornbooks?
Did I miss something?

Barbara said...

Wish we could grow hydrangea down here but too hot. Yours are beautiful.

moosecraft said...

Beautiful! Love those hydrangeas!

Karen Budnick said...

Ooh, love Limelight! Mine are usually as large as yours but I think I cut them back too late - it's getting harder and harder to get everything cut down when the cold wind whistles around my ears, my neck, my feet, moan, get the idea. Yours are so pretty and always remind me of Autumn. They're so pretty with the earlier ones that have gone dark purple by now.

diamondc said...

Marly: Wow those Hydrangea's are positively beautiful, I have never seen any that big before.
I know what you mean about decisions, I have had my head almost blow off due to trying to make a solid decision, ouch.


Merry Wind Farm said...

My limelights are pretty this year also. Do you cut yours way back in the early Spring? I would be happy to purchase any of those sets. They are all lovely. My bubblegum pink petunias didn't make it through the heat this summer. yours are still very pretty.

CathieJ said...

I can understand your dilemma as they are all great. Love those hydrangeas.

Margaret said...

Seriously? Christmas in September? Sigh. Ridiculous. Your hydrangeas are enormous!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your hydrangeas are gorgeous!!!
Love the washtub. Ever since I decided I had to have one, I can't find!
Hugs :)

Maggee said...

What gorgeous hydrangeas!! Wow! I am behind, so not commenting yet about the items for sale... Hugs!

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