Oct 5, 2016

A cure for the banging basket

Do you like a basket on your door?  Do you use one inside or outside?  Do you tire of the basket banging and swinging every time the door opens?  Do you slam your door hard enough to knock that basket off?  Well folks we have a cure for that banging basket.  No more scratches in the paint finish.  No more contents bouncing out.  Whether you hang from an over the door hook or the back of the peep hole, I have the answer for you.  Call to order now.  But wait!  If you call within the next 5 minutes we'll throw in 10 more free.  Just pay a ridiculous handling fee for each one.  Call now!
Just kidding.  But I did finally solve that problem.  Very.  Strong.  Magnet.  Yep.  See that rusty square inside?  Since most of the doors today are steel, a strong magnet will secure the basket to the door even with a slam.  I don't know where we found this magnet but it is industrial strength!
Now I can fill it with gourds that won't be rolling on the floor whenever it opens.  If you have wood or fiberglass, I got nothing. 
Except for a few orders, all was mailed today.  Advil is wonderful, is it not?  For some reason, I was able to walk on it this morning.  But I did keep off of it for a while, gave me time to think, and I've come to a decision on the siding. 

This type of siding that is on the garage will be painted a muted red.  New garage doors, same paint.  We will replace the windows with aluminum clad double hung in red.  The trim will be replaced as will the doors.  The siding will wait until spring, and be replaced where needed with boards from the side.  Stained the dark gray or maybe a greenish gray. 
With new painted window trim and corner boards, the contrast to the weathered siding will probably look nice.  Wait.  .....   RED?????
Good grief.  Does the anti-inflammatory dull the brain along with the pain?


C. M. Designs said...

Love the person who invented Advil.
The colors for your house sound very nice. I love red !
Charlotte in Va.

acorn hollow said...

great idea for the basket I have a basket on my door.
your colors sound wonderful we have a gray house with red trim. we only painted the window sashes red.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Love your idea for the basket on the door !!
One clever lady ;)

diamondc said...

Marly: I almost fell for the commercial, so funny.
I like your idea, I have industrial strength magnet why I do not know but I have them, I will have to try this idea.
I am happy Advil is helping you, it has always helped me, it is the only over the counter that does help me.
I love the idea of color you have chosen, I look forward to seeing the results.


Winnie Nielsen said...

What a cool basket for the front door! I do love how it looks and can function. Your house colors sound perfect for your home. I am a huge fan of red and look forward to seeing how it all ends up on your lovely Prim home. By the way, that punkin' on the little child's chair is so stickin'cute! Love the look. Glad the Advil has helped. It is the best thing for any orthopedic type problem.

Primitive Stars said...

Love the basket Marly,would look great on a door. Also the pumpkin on the chair, love that simple look.Hugs Francine.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

fabulous idea - as usual!!

debbie haggard said...

LOL - red is the BEST color for house/garage trim. It will look fabulous!

Ms Peppercorn said...

For those of you that do not have a metal door, I have hot glued wine corks on the backs of my wreaths to stop the scratching and wear when the wreath moves due to the wind or the door being used.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Clever as always!
Hugs :)

Margaret said...

Behind on commenting as usual. Great idea on the magnet in the basket. Our doors aren't magnetic so I can't follow suit. I was interested about the tattooing. Not sure I will ever go that route, but we'll see. My eyebrows are getting sparse! Sorry also about your knee. Ouch! I can't imagine chewing advil. Ewww! Hope you get answers for your knee at the doctor.

Carol said...

Will definitely try your magnet idea on our front door, Marly! Great tip!!

And I think a muted red sounds great on your garage--it will look like a little barn :)

Barbara said...

Now don't tell me there's comething wrong with red!

Maggee said...

Been away, home for a brief visit, then off again till next week... So just popping in to say hello! Are you doing all that work yourselves or hiring someone? Remembering how difficult it was to get your kitchen done, and done, and done... I like the idea of muted red... Take care of yourself too! Hugs!

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