Oct 17, 2016

And for the last time

there will be a small sale this weekend.  I only have a few sets, a few hornbooks, maybe some of the journals I found buried in the closet.  Mark wanted to cut more acrylic but I think you've probably had enough.  If I could settle my brain and choose one or two designs it would be much easier.  But I can't.  This is the last one I made today, I love it, and I'm keeping it.  If there are many of you wanting sets, I may continue but .....
As for the sale, since there are so few, I may do an Ebay thing for three days.  So many tell me that they aren't able to get to the computer at the time of the sale and I always receive many requests for early sales. When I have a good inventory that's fine, but not this time.  Last sale was a total of 73 pieces, this will only be maybe 10. 
Santa is not going very well.  I thought I was pulling a thread from the darker pieces but obviously not.  There is a large area of the same shade instead of the variation I was hoping for and I was waiting to see if more progress made it acceptable.  I think the more I fill in the more noticeable it is.  If this continues, I will remove a few rows and stick in darker threads because so far, not acceptable.
Sorry to be boring you with all the square posts but I had fun choosing and matching, no one else to share it with!   And from the various options I showed, you can see that my lack of decisiveness applies to everything I do.
Thanks for visiting.


Julie said...

Your squares are really really nice!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Love that set of squares you are keeping!! Sometimes we just have to keep something we make because it speaks to us! So frustrating when you start something and have to do it over, but you will not be happy with it in the long run!
Enjoy your week!
Heart Hugs~

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I'm not bored and I love your santa

CathieJ said...

I actually like your square posts. I like how you manage to make disparate patterns merge. So sorry about Santa.

Maryann Olsaver said...

I don't blame you for keeping a set for yourself - it's beautiful. My Mary Antrim set arrived yesterday - just love them. Thank you again Marly for going the extra mile 😀
Santa is looking good!

Heritage Hall said...

I echo Maryann....received my hornbook and squares and an extra
blessing and could not be more delighted. Indebted to you,
Marly, for the extra effort and your keen eye and talent.

Frances N said...

I like your Santa, but you must do it that way that looks good to you!
Sometimes things look better when they are finally finished. HOWEVER, if you aren't
liking it now, you probably don't need to continue with that particular piece of thread!
(I realize this is not helpful at all!!) haha

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