Oct 14, 2016


I'm out of acrylic and won't be doing any more.  Maybe in a few weeks.  These are the wallet series.  This first one's middle should be much darker green to match the others but I decided to keep it for myself instead of working it more.
This set looked good with the bargello or the queen, I chose queen. 
Because I am.
I love the darker background with the stag also.


 But from the beginning, customers and husband agreed, this is the best.  Made for Ann, (who hasn't received it yet!) with a piece flaunting her initials.

They need to cure a few more days and will be leaving my home Monday.  Since the printer is not as sharp and these are tiny stitches, I used a high gloss finish to accentuate detail.
Several readers were kind enough to inform me that I did in fact give away the October freebie.  Whew.  It's a relief to know that there is sometimes a valid reason for an item to be missing.
Feels good to take a break.
Thanks for visiting!!
Enjoy the weekend.



Truus said...

Congratulations to Carole and to you. Do hope that her backproblems will be better soon.
Have a great weekend
Greetings Truus from Holland

Annmarie said...

THANK YOU so very much - you are too kind and generous. To take the time, effort and energy to perfect these is special in every way, especially knowing my love of all stitching, especially wallets. Nothing excites me as much as starting a new one and I enjoy each stitch and each decision in the finishing process. I wish I had your ability to choose the colors and the shades you do - you have a special eye for that part of needlework.
Saying Thank you is such a small way to let you know how much I appreciate you and all the joy your blog brings to me

Maryann Olsaver said...
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Maryann Olsaver said...

They are all exquisite Marly. Have a restful weekend :-)

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