Oct 14, 2016


I'm out of acrylic and won't be doing any more.  Maybe in a few weeks.  These are the wallet series.  This first one's middle should be much darker green to match the others but I decided to keep it for myself instead of working it more.
This set looked good with the bargello or the queen, I chose queen. 
Because I am.
I love the darker background with the stag also.


 But from the beginning, customers and husband agreed, this is the best.  Made for Ann, (who hasn't received it yet!) with a piece flaunting her initials.

They need to cure a few more days and will be leaving my home Monday.  Since the printer is not as sharp and these are tiny stitches, I used a high gloss finish to accentuate detail.
Several readers were kind enough to inform me that I did in fact give away the October freebie.  Whew.  It's a relief to know that there is sometimes a valid reason for an item to be missing.
Feels good to take a break.
Thanks for visiting!!
Enjoy the weekend.

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