Oct 29, 2016


Are you kidding me?  I've lost too much time with electronic device failures and issues.  I remember changing the desktop to October and in a few days, it will be changed again.  Do you use Circa Home Living's calendar desktops?  Love them.  You can find the current month and all future offers on their blog.  Just click on the photo, then right click, Set as Background.  https://circahomeliving.blogspot.com/
After two days of my new computer, trying desperately to get online, hours with Belkin, Microsoft, searching Windows solutions, trying so many different fixes...... none worked.  Staples gives 30 days of free tech service with purchases so I tried them.  He finally gave up and said to return it to the store.  Days wasted.  You have no idea how wild a crabass looks when she is frustrated.  Now that I know I am done spinning my wheels, I can relax a little. 
 So what do I do?  Remove Santa's beard and start over with another color.  Much better.  I am having trouble choosing a color for his sack since the dark linen doesn't allow my preferred colors to show.  Burlappy tan would blend with his coat's trim and I am leaning toward a gray green.  I've seen this design completed and all with a lighter linen than I am using.  Looks great.  Hope I didn't make a mistake.  I just ordered two more of her Santa designs, Country Santa and Primitive Santa.
Everything from October was lost, even what was saved became corrupted, so if there is an order I failed to ship, an email I haven't answered, please let me know.  And I can't remember who it was that offered the address of a stitcher needing supplies.  Could you please send it again?  It pertained to a group on Facebook.  It reminded me that I had requested to join two other sampler groups (Facebook) and .... I guess I'm not wanted!  That's OK.  I'm not that enamored with Facebook and its made up stories and false information and boatload of nasty.
November.  Golden Girls and Frazier are gone until January!  Time for channel surfing.
Have a good weekend.
Thanks for visiting.


Cricket-bug Corner said...

I love her designs. I hate computer problems. I can't believe it's already going to be November!

Barb said...

I feel your pain with the Hallmark channel. Why do we need 2 months of Christmas stories? I couldn't even find buried Halloween at Michaels! Well that's my rant for today. My computer also gives me fits-rant for another day!

C. M. Designs said...

I love your choices of new Santas.
This year is going by entirely too fast. 76 my next birthday in January.........ridiculous !
I don't know much about computers.........what I do know have learned from my son and daughter.....My daughter is a much better, more calm teacher than my son. UGH !
Love the picture of your home and Fall decor.
Have a glorious Sunday.
Charlotte in Va.

Jacqueline said...

Glad to see you are back. I miss your posts.

Robin in Virginia said...

Computers and technology in general are great frustration makers. Looking forward to seeing your Santa! Enjoy your day, Marly.

Vickie said...

Love your picture up top. Have a nice, calm day my friend.

Maggee said...

Technology can get frustrating. Glad you can let it go and relax. I know I was telling someone about your woes with printers...just not good! I hope that you are stitching away on the Santa, and LIKING it! Hugs!

CJ said...

Sorry to read about your computer woes. It will all pass and everything will be right with the world. lol Well, at least you will have a working computer.

Look forward to your next post. Enjoy your day!!

Theresa said...

I went over and looked at her designs and loved them. Will have to shop there.
Sorry about your computer problems. It does get frustrating. Hope it gets better.
Can't wait to see your Santa.

3millplainrd said...

I'm really ticked at Hallmark for taking off the golden Girls for two months. I have them on in the morning while I do all my housecleaning and other chores for the day. Now I only have QVC to listen to, as the least obnoxious show I can find. The only way I would watch one of those Hallmark movies is if I was tied up in a chair and gagged. Thanks for letting me vent.

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