Oct 3, 2016


Well spin me around until my hair goes straight.  That's how I feel today.  Thank you so much!  All gone plus a few more.  So that everyone gets the items they ordered, I put each name on a paper bag and like trick or treat, grabbed your items and dropped them in.  We had over 30 hornbooks and several of each of the square sets.  Packing tonight, shipping labels tomorrow, bought more ink, and more acrylic.  I sure hope everyone likes their purchase. 
We still have more peppers to can so it will be a busy day tomorrow.  With the jalapenos left, the thought of Cowboy Candy was appealing.  But I decided not to make them because of the amount of sugar.  They are sweet hot, addictive, on cream cheese and crackers.  A few wouldn't hurt, but I am a pig and would eat way too much at one time.  So we'll use the ketchup/vinegar recipe for the final canning of the year.
We've had enough rain that I had to remove the crow's bucket.  Poor guy was getting top heavy.  Something I will never have to worry about unless you count big hair. 
As for the eyeliner, the bottom is almost completely gone and the top is still lightening.  At first, everything is very dark and heavy because some of the ink stays on top and as your skin heals, it encases the ink but not all of it.  So always expect the initial week to be stark.  She charges for touch ups and so far I have had two on the brows and although I hate to spend even more, will need it for the liner too.  No it did not hurt.  Some of her clients squirm and are anxious but the eyebrows were worse than the liner.  The numbing cream works well and this is not traditional buzzing needle tattooing.  It's called Soft-tap.  Doing my non existing brows was the best thing I've done.
That's all folks.  Just wanted to thank everyone and say hello.  October is here, and as soon as I have time to sit and relax, I will be so ticked off.
Enjoy your days!
Thanks for visiting.


Jacqueline said...

so happy for you and your sales.. way to go girl.
I am thinking about checking into the eyebrow tat...I only have half a one and can't draw them in without looking like a clown.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Marly, that's great, happy about your sales. The eyebrow tat looks good, better then drawing them on I think.Hugs Francine.

Anonymous said...

Marly, We are so happy for you! Congratulations on a wonderful sale! All of your items were beautiful! Your eyebrow and eyeliner turned out great! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Mom and I love reading your blog!! SAH

diamondc said...

Marly: I always miss out on the sale, I am going to keep my eyes open next time and if I am away from home will carry my laptop and keep checking to see if you are selling again.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love your ink. I need to have it done. I draw mine on and I've been dying my eyelashes darker.

Beth in IL said...

Good luck canning. I may need to try peppers, next year!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

You are so busy! Selling, canning, beautifying yourself! Your eyes look besutiful! I really do think brows frame a face and to have them so perfectly arched and full is awesome! You'll notice it in the way the pics of yourself look, I'll bet! I'd love to do brows and liner, too, and one day, I may. I'd like to have eyeliner done on the waterline of my eyes but even if they do that, I think I'd be too chicken. Yay, you!

Carol said...

That is great that your sales went so well, Marly--but then again, I"m not at all surprised that everything was snapped up so quickly!

Your eyebrows look very nice--mine are slowly disappearing, too, but I think I'd be too afraid to try a tattoo!

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