Nov 13, 2016

Checkerboard Stag

I am ridding my drawers of excess linen and recycling the stitching magazines.  The years of SANQ that I had in digital files were lost, and I have no idea why all that was saved is corrupt.  So I quickly browsed my issues before tossing in the bin and came across the Checkerboard Stag sampler (Fall 2015). 
This is not the full piece, there is another mirrored stag on the left side.  The specialty stitches are easy to do and I really like the entire project, but decided to do one stag as an ornament.  The greenery in his mouth will be darker and the flowers will look more like a poinsettia (I hope) trying to make this a Christmas theme.  I would like to stitch the sampler in the future, but honestly, I am not feeling the desire for a needle in hand.  Trying to keep it going with these smaller projects.
He worked up very quickly and will be a handsome fellow when backstitched.  I wish I would have used a more grayish brown thread but I followed the chart this time.
 He may need a red border or piping for some pop.  And as I'm stitching it, my heart is aching for the deer that has been wounded by an arrow.  They are still here searching and I hope they find him and end his suffering.  Happens every year.  One of this year's fawns is missing from the group but we know he was killed on the highway.  I am fearful for Blondie in these coming weeks, our very large doe.
It will be back to Santa when the stag is finished.  I'm wondering.  Could the difference I'm feeling in the cramped thread be from the brand?  I had no problem with the DMC area and realized that it started when the thread changed to WDW.  The linen is the 32 I've used many times.  Do all the overdyed brands begin as DMC?  They should all be the same if they do.  My Sullivan seems to have a tighter twist and appears a little heavier.  It doesn't really matter I guess, just curious.
Husband is out buying cinnamon bread. 
Sun is shining through the cold air.
Have a good week.
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