Nov 23, 2016

Off to a great start

In order of happening.

1. Preparing to make the pies, only to find out that the Walmart clerk gave my bag with 3 large cans of Libby pumpkin to the person next in line.  We usually check to make sure all our purchases are off the turntable.  We didn't.  Go to the nearest store to spend another $10?  No, because of #2.

2.  I've been off balance for two days and taking Antivert, which puts me to sleep and aggravates the crabass condition.  No driving.  Husband is golfing in 45 degrees, and searching for more pinecones.

3.  The pies are made with outdated cans of Libby's pumpkin, that weren't ballooning, so they should be good.  This because of #1 and #2.  I drank the filling so we should know before anyone else eats them if there will be an intestinal disturbance.  I've got 24 hours for testing.

4.  Not realizing that an all black digital panel means the oven died (refer to #2), I am staring at it, wondering if it has reached temperature yet.  No it hasn't.  But if you pound on it, blue lights will come on before again shutting down two minutes later.  Two years old, add that to the $10 pumpkin loss and we are now at $2210 plus tax.
5.  Now the pies are in a basic model gas stove in the basement, which means I am going up and down the stairs to change temp, cover crust, check for done, while dizzy, sleepy, painful ankle.  Don't forget crabby.

So far, the day is just splendid.

6. I am having the dinner here tomorrow.  But Mark will be home to run up and down the stairs, carry the heavy bird, and take care of all those foody issues.  I'll be sticking close to the bathroom.

7.  Missy is somewhere in the house, and I can't find her.  That little monkey is such a stinker.

8.  The large order of Christmas gifts I place online, expected today, can't be tracked.  They don't have a record of it since it was sent to the wrong distribution center.  I'm sure it will show up before Christmas.

9.  Google changed my dashboard again and I have to click a link to get my Reading List of blogs.

The good news .....  I am still here to experience all this aggravation.  Family is still here with me.  I found a great face color for stitching.   The snow melted.   And I have online friends like you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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