Dec 26, 2016

Brown wire trees

Hope you're relaxing today and still smiling from a wonderful time with family and friends on Christmas.  I went shopping.  Rarely do I visit Kraynak's (holiday decorations galore), especially the super crowded after Christmas sale.  But we stopped today and I am glad we did.  Years ago everyone had the tall white wire lighted trees for outdoors and they have become very difficult to find around here.  No longer the sparkly bulbs, everything is LED.  The old bulbs could be replaced in the cord after burn out, but not these. 
 Anyway, I saw those wire trees in brown which I preferred, about 10 years ago online but didn't buy them, haven't seen any old style lights since. But today, Kraynak's had the six foot tall, brown, with warm white LEDs which aren't that harsh bluish white.  Half price, bought two.  They had another primitive style also in brown, half price, bought one. Others in LED had tons of lights on the wire trees with clear flower shaped reflectors and they are so pretty, but not my style. 
So naturally, I sit here saying, so what?  Buy them anyway, they're beautiful!  Put them outside the kitchen window.  Will I go back tomorrow for more?  I hope not.  They also had the bristle feather tree in six foot for only $37.50 but the needles are a little longer than I like, and I don't need another.
Stopped in JCP for the big sale and $10 off $25 coupon, got Mark new underwear (BOGO) and myself a new coat.  I have coats.  They don't fit and may never again.  I hated to get the larger size but I can't keep kidding myself into believing I may lose enough to wear the older ones.  When I bought them, they were a little snug because at that time (back in the days of estrogen and jawlines) I expected to lose 10 pounds.  Why buy larger and give myself the leeway to gain even more?  Because I didn't realize that menopause encourages fat to stay, boogie down, party on, and losing becomes much more difficult.  How do you get party-goers to leave when they are having such a good time?  You give up and buy a bigger coat.  And panties.
Requests to switch the Italian and Polish dinners were honored so tomorrow I need to buy more kielbasa.  The links previously purchased are currently at a party and will probably stay for quite some time.
Enjoy the last week of the year.  Can't believe another one is over.
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Robin in Virginia said...

I like the trees you purchased, Marly! Glad to hear you got yourself a new coat. Enjoy your day!

Rugs and Pugs said...

We sure are gluttons for punishment, aren't we? I bought 5 new trees this year (but three are small with no lights or decorations). Dumb, dumb, dumb. Yours look very cool. I am not a fan of most LED lights, either.
I did not venture near a store today.
Merry day after.
Hugs :)

Vickie said...

I can't stop smiling because the kielbasa is already at a party! ;)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Merry, Merry, Day-After-Christmas.... I am still partying...(my son's girlfriend makes a mean fudge....and that is so mean of her LOL).... We spent Christmas night in the dark thanks to a freak ice storm that hit Nod....and toppled a tree into a power line and blew up a transformer... Just my luck. But the good thing is that our driveway is like a skating rink so there is NO way I could get near the garage let alone a store no more trees for me. Ugh...I didn't know one could have a tree fetish, but I do...and I have to admit I actually purchased a few more this year...HELP!!! You just made me really hungry for Kielbasa... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Truus said...

Love your new trees with the lights.
This year is flying so quickly but there were so many uggly things happening in this world. Hopefully there will be a better year to come.
Congrats with your new coat -I am the same and bought last year a coat that I could not close.
Happy days to you.
Greetings Truus from Holland

Maggee said...

i look forward to seeing how you use those trees throughout the year, which I know you will! Enjoy the meals!! Enjoy yourself! Hugs!

Kaisievic said...

I love your brown wire trees, Marly. I hope that all of your special dinner plans worked out okay.

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