Jan 11, 2017

For one reason or another....

I do not like this linen.  The color, the texture, the sheen, the thick thread, the heavy fringe. 
ALL linen except where noted.  None are over 32 count, some are easy to recognize, others may be 30 or 32.  Can't say for sure so those are not noted.  A few may have a couple of stitches started, the 40" roll has work on the edge for a short distance so I measured from there, not the edge.  Don't know if there are fold lines, some were washed and dried after I dyed them, some were never opened.
Do you think $15 per pack shipping included is too much?  Not sure how to do this because I don't know how many are interested.  Should I list one at a time and draw a name or first come all at once?  I went over them twice and bagged them, weighed them, so I am 99% certain that all is correct.
 I will offer them Saturday and let you know how to purchase in a post before then, but thought you might like to see what's in each package first. 
So from the Meager Globes Awards, here are the nominees for Linen Leaving.

Pack #1

 28 count    R&R Dark Cappuccino 15 x 26
 28 count    Light green something 19 x 25
                   Something brown 11 x 19
27/28 count    Antique white 18 x 28
                   Something brown 12 x 16
                   Black - Jobelan?  Monaco?  ??  18 x 28
28 count     8 1/4" x 40 antique white

Pack #2

                  Something brown 11 x 18
                  Darker tan 17 x 25
                  Dark brown something 10 x 17
                  Tan 19 x 24
                  Tan 24 x 25

Pack #3
                  Something tan/brown 12 x 16
28 count     Something sagey green 11 x 13
28 count    Something brown 11 x 12
28 count    Antique white 10 x 10
28 count    Tea Dyed/Sandstone 18 x 28
                  Golden tan 18 x 26
                  Tan 13+ x 24
                  Something green 14 x 19
                  Something green 11 x 13  (DMC 503) These two green are one piece with a corner cut
                                                              so I'm listing sizes if the piece was cut into two.
                  Some odd sized pieces for ornaments not measured.

Pack #4

28 count    Tan 10 x 36
                  Clove/Persimmon 9 x 12
28             Antique white 18 x 28
28 count   Something brownish 11 x 16
                 Darker something brownish 12 x 19
                 Black Jobelan or something similar 17 x 18
                 Jobelan (may be Khaki) 17 x 24
                 Antique white 18 x 27
28 count   Something green 5 x 13

Thanks for visiting. 


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Pack 2 please

diamondc said...

Oh my gosh that's a boat load of fabric.


diamondc said...

Marly: I think you are giving the fabric away, I am very interested in one of the packets.


Dirt Road Primitives said...

Marley I would like pack number #2 but if not available I would like #3 invoice me I'll pay through PayPal...


Dirt Road Primitives said...

Oh geeze I just read through it fully not listing til Saturday.....well I hope I can get a chance.....love them.....


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

$15? I think it's a steal. I'm hoping to get #4.

Beth in IL said...

I think you should do first come, first served. Lovely linen. Too bad I'm on a stash diet...

Vickie said...

Oh Marly. I think you are pricing too low.

debbie haggard said...

Unfortunately I don't need any linen as your pricing is very attractive, as usual!

Anne L said...

I too think the pricing is too low.

missy said...

Your price per pack is more than generous and would continue to be at even $25.00. Beautiful color combos per pack too.

deb said...

Agree with the others who've said $15 is too low as all of those packs look like huge amounts of fabric! So tempting no matter how you price them ... but I've promised myself to work really hard at "shopping" in my stash this year.

Ms Peppercorn said...

Oo La La! Well, I'm not rich in linen like some of the others so I'm lov'n it! Hoping to have a chance on 3 or 4 but I am coveting all of them.

Nupur said...

What temptation! Would love all or any of them!

Amanda said...

Pack 2 or 1 in order of preference - though the whole selection amazes me.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Can I just be selfish and say I want it all? But I'll play nice and wait until Saturday. :). Blessings, Marlene

Krissy B. said...

Marly, that seems crazy cheep for linen of any color, size, or count. You may want to up that $15.00. I, like so many would love them all. This should be interesting and fun for you. Keep your Doves handy. What time zone are you in? I'd hate to be really late.

Nancy said...

Pack 2 please. Nancy P. M

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