Jan 22, 2017

Heart drawing

Hello people.  I didn't think I would get this many entries!  In addition, 17 email entries, one of which was chosen.  Amy Komack.  I will contact you for your address as soon as I'm finished boring everyone with this post.
Next project.  One of two and I hope to decide this evening.  My husband is in the other room screaming at the Steelers, a little distracting, but I think I can handle it.
As the slump continues, I thought one color of thread would be easier on me.  I am continually making changes and that is not the thing I need to be doing right now. 
So this design popped into my head.  Harry Tyler's Lion.  I have the GAST threads, pulled a 32 count natural linen, and this piece fell out of the pile.  Hmm.  That Gunmetal that I worked with to tone down that unusual blue.  Reverse the design and use 644 on the dark ground.
The other option (leaning to) is R&R Reproductions 1739.  It is really primitive and that means LOTS of room for errors.  I would change the thread colors for a little more definition, and not be too concerned about messing up.  Either one, a good choice.
That's it folks! 
 Thanks for visiting.
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