Jan 28, 2017

"It's always something"

Are you too young to remember who that quote is from?  If so, "never mind".
This sampler isn't from Rosanne Rosannadanna, but it is a Rosanna.  Long ago I stitched this sampler as a gift to a friend, and she asked to borrow it for her friend, I obliged before I stitched it for myself, time passed, friend passed away suddenly.  What I found in my mess of messes is a beat up written on worksheet.  I decided to search online for a color photo to jog my memory and there she was.
Rosanna Pinkham from Sheepish Designs.  Ain't she a sweetie?  Forgot all about her.  My worksheet is old and beat, the symbols are not clear, but I can easily see color placements from the photo.  I think you can get this very old chart from Em-Li's. 
This was a tough call because I had planned to work on 1739 from R&R, very primitive and definitely on the to-do list, and couldn't decide between these two.  Rosanna won because her colors are easy.  1739 has a lot of very light threads that I want to change and that drags me down.  I have searched several engines and I still haven't seen a photo of it other than the chart's, hard to see.  And both are very close in size.  Harry's Lion will be in the second basket in my new bench, and I will go back and forth.  Hopefully. 
 Kielbasa stew for dinner today.  Used my pressure cooker for the cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and in just two minutes, they are well done.  I saved the steamed liquid to add to the stew's broth and it is so full of flavor and rich, full of the nutrients.  The Instant Pot is big, can also be used as a slow cooker, and I can saute in the pot before pressurizing.  We love the French Market Bean soup which takes quite a while with dried beans, and I think the Pot will do a great job in short time. We took the old heavy aluminum (manual) cookers to the recycler.  They take metal cookware but only if the handles (usually plastic) are removed.  I use several old stainless fry pans as water dishes and bird baths.  Easy to clean and they don't break.
Have a good weekend.
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