Feb 9, 2017

A bright spot

on a snowy day.
Regarding the limp linen issue, Paula was kind enough to email with a product she uses and I found it online.  Magic Extra Crisp Sizing Fabric Finish. I will be looking for it locally but until then tried the Magic I had in the cupboard. 
Mom always wanted her doilies and dresser scarves starched so I've got three old cans from various companies.  I followed the directions to allow the spray to enter the fabric by running my hand over the sprayed linen to make sure it penetrated. 
Here's the difference in WDW 32 count Tin Roof.  One sprayed, one not.  This was sprayed twice and you can see the extra body just by the way it lays.  But I will still get what Paula recommended and try the sizing, different from starch.  Definitely made the linen stiffer, the weave more stable.  But what about creasing while stitching in hand or a hoop's mark?   Doesn't starched fabric wrinkle easily and stay that way?  This could be one solution to limp linen, will let you know the result of using the sizing.  There's still hope for all my small pieces of WDW gorgeous colors.

While I was putting away recent purchases I happened to see my ginghams in 28 and compared to the 32 Tin Roof (both WDW), they not only look the same count, but the 32 looks looser.  I guess this is why it's so difficult trying to determine count in unmarked stash.  I would have had these two reversed. 
Hope you're having a good day.  Thanks for the box purchases.  I may try to get a few more hearts this weekend. 
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TheCrankyCrow said...

Limp linen?? Oh say it isn't so!! Isn't there a pill for that? Oh...never mind. I think I still have the first can of spray starch I purchased when first married...that didn't last long! (The ironing with starch I mean...not the marriage....that's still hanging in there for now....) Well, glad to see you've found a possible resolution to today's dilemma.... I love your Santa....with or without bells, he's swell. (Can you tell I'm tired??) Sorry I missed another sale...I really liked those heart boxes!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Annie said...

This is too funny. I'm always trying to find linen that isn't too stiff! For me, it's good to know that Weeks is softer (limper in your terms). Different strokes.

Vickie said...

Love that cardinal picture. It is lovely. Missy LOOKS so sweet, doesn't she?

Carol said...

Thank you for writing about this, Marly--I, too, just hate limp linen and I'll be trying the sizing that Paula recommended.

And what a gorgeous red cardinal... Funny, but we've seen very few this winter. Not sure what is going on--they must all be up your way :)

deb said...

Mr Cardinal looks marvelously cheery in that picture!

Intersted to see how the starch or sizing works for you. Am thinking about one piece I stitched where the fabric got more and more limp as I worked, till it had about as much resistance as a damp tissue - ugh.

diamondc said...

Hi Marley: I have never starched any linen, if you use a stitching frame maybe this will help keep the wrinkles away, I will continue to see how this works for you.
Love the boo boo kitty photo, so sweet.
That cardinal is beautiful.


Theresa said...

Never thought of starching linen. Will watch your progress. Love that sweet Kitty.

Barb said...

I love your photo. All my life I have lived near cardinals. Then we moved to the Pacific NW. We have no cardinals out here. I guess they just couldn't make it over all the mountains! Very interesting about the linen.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Ohh the cardinal is gorgeous! Cat looks so sweet.

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