Feb 24, 2017

Mystery solved

As I put my iced tea gallon jug into the recycling container, I spotted the Jif jar.  How could I forget that I finished it?   Never dawned on me because I have a habit of carrying something, getting distracted, and setting it where it should not be.  The grapes are in the salad and almost gone.  Love this stuff. 
But I got tired of searching for the floss bag so I changed the color.  It looks just fine and I may like it better than the lost color.  I followed the sampler's misalignment but not all of the 1/2 and 3/4 stitches.  I'm not sure if they would be noticed on the higher count linen with pastel threads, so I just made the full cross.  I plan to age it with a spray and a few spots.

Many years ago, I made a shelf to hold wooden bowls (similar to this Pinterest photo) but never attached the front rails or painted it.  Since then, the number of bowls have increased and there is no way this item would be large enough. 
So we stained and sealed (yuck) and added the rails to the front of the shelves to create a lip.  My brother has an extensive collection of rare milk bottles so we gave it to him.  No way they will all fit, but his cat(Peanut) is a little devil and into everything so at least his favorites will be on the wall and protected from her mischief.  If not, his very early canning jars will fit.  These are filled with fixatives from 30 years ago when I made potpourri.  Time to get rid of them also.
70's today.  Then the cold returns.
Enjoy your day and stay safe.


Robin in Virginia said...

Glad you found your Jif jar! I like the wooden shelf you are gifting to your brother. Enjoy your weekend!

Mary said...

Well somebody finished the PB I wonder who? I have 'backups" on basement shelf, most of the time very reliable but you know once in a while I forget to stock up. Have a great weekend, enjoy spring for now. We here in new England know this is not the end of winter!

Heritage Hall said...

The sampler looks wonderful and who would fault the full crosses?
So glad you uncovered the Jif and can break open a new one clear headed.
That misplacing malady is catching on and so many of us have caught it..
Wishing all a great weekend.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I just love your
Windy here but also 75*. No complaints from me!!!
Hugs :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Loving that sampler all to pieces girl...and so glad the missing jar has been located...Hopefully you will be able to sleep now... ;o) Snowing here (surprise, surprise) and they are predicting blizzard conditions and white-outs. Oh yay. So much for that much-needed hair appointment this afternoon. I didn't quite find the right color sharpie.... Your brother's cat must be kin to our newest addition. She is Satan's spawn. I originally named her Liza...but have since changed it to Lucci....Yup....short for LucciFur.... Hope your weekend is off to a great start. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Barb said...

That is a really pretty shelf. It should do the job of protecting his bottles.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marly, Love the primitive sampler. It's very pretty. What a great way for your brother to display his treasured pieces. So happy it's a win-win for everyone. Enjoy the weekend and thanks for sharing. SAH

Margaret said...

Nice on the shelf for your brother. Good on the Jiff jar too. I mislay things too, but so far (knock on wood) not food items....

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