Feb 11, 2017

The absolute last one

Yep.  All I have left are a few large sets and if the off again on again fricking printer works for more than 15 minutes, and I find all the lost files from the beginning, I may be getting rid of those also. 
But for the last one, I found a label completely forgotten.  It's from the Nash bag I donated to The Attic for their auction.  I hope they got a decent price and it made the new owner happy.
I am not any worse which is great.  Even went out to search for heart boxes.  I failed at finding them but that's not the point.
Also stopped at my local mall that is closing Sears and Macy's, the two largest stores.  Lots of people in Sears for the clearance.  Their merchandise is not bad, especially for kids and juniors.  But what young fashionista wants to say her outfit is from Sears?  They should have kept the tools as Sears and changed the name to The Market for everything else and KMart for the super store.  AND offered the discounts and coupons that other chains do.  Heck, I can't even find the Magic Extra Crisp sizing around here and now we are losing those two stores.
We finally purchased a new mattress and after putting it all together, it's counter height.  If Mark is tying up the kitchen space I could always chop onions on it. They are coming tomorrow to exchange the standard 9" foundation for the 4".  I could get used to jumping up on the bed but Mark doesn't like it.  When I had to switch to the expensive hotel at the Clinic, I literally sunk into a cloud on that bed.  I'm sure it's the $6000 model and I will not pay that.  How the heck do you cover the new monster  sized mattress with a comforter?  They are full/queen which ticks me off, no queen pillowcases with sets, so I may just get a king size and have it hang.  Better too long than too short. 
Hope your weekend is going well. 
Thanks for stopping by.


Barb said...

I know just what you mean Marly. The queen coverlet does not cover enough and the king is way too big. I have been looking for a year now!! I don't think the makers of linens are keeping up with mattress sizes! Your heart box has a new home on my mantel and it looks wonderful!! Thanks so much!!

C. M. Designs said...

We still have a Macy's. Our Sears looks like a Montgomery Ward and we don't have a K-mart. Lost our two fabric stores.......have to go to Walmart for fabric. A trampoline business is where our K-mart used to be and Go-carts are in our Mall. What next ?
I'm glad you felt well enough to go out. Take care !
Charlotte in Va.

Ms Peppercorn said...

The local mall has just been sold and rumors have it being an Amazon something or other. You're right about Sears. They should have just carried tools, appliances, hardware, etc. Sorry men but I bet it was some over payed male CEO with a golden parachute who didn't see the direction Sears should have gone. So, how far away are we from WalMart being the only "brick and morter" store and Amazon taking care of most of the online needs? Horrifying.
Glad you felt well enough to get out a bit Marly.

Mary said...

Loving the pears on that box, big pear fan. Bedding can be such a problem too short not covering the sided. Luckily I have three matalesse ( spelled wrong) quilts that are perfect, and I have a very tall bed. Simple skirts hide the tall box spring ( and that was a chore to find too). My complaint is pillow top mattresses, you can not flip just rotate! BTW I feel fortunate I have a small heart box from last year. Not red but still it is now on my Valentine mantel. Snow is on the way again, stay warm.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I just bought Jennifer Lopez sheets at Kohls - normally $200 (DID NOT pay that for them - 80% clearance) they are king and the fitted sheet is way too big. You would think if you paid that much they would fit.

Karen said...

I feel the pain of mattress, sheets, bedspread shopping. But I learned to always get what they call a bunky board for the base of the mattress or I would need a ladder to get into the bed. As it is even with the 4 inch bunky board I have to use a stool to get into bed and wonder what I am going to do 20 years from now when my hips or knees don't bend very well to climb up into a bed. I did solve the bedspread problem. I like a plain Williamsburg spread so for our full size bed I ordered the twin bedspread and it covers the mattress perfectly! And it is long enough to cover the pillows which I like with extra to tuck under the pillow! Remember the days when a full size truly meant full size and the same for queen. I think manufacturer figured out that if they cut off an inch or two all around they save big bucks when they make thousands of the same thing. Anyway that is my take on it. Sheets never fit so I buy the sheet garters to hold the corners tighter. I adore your home!

Karen in NC

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