Mar 10, 2017


Hello people.  March is flying by isn't it?  This weekend marks 16 years that my Dad passed away after a few weeks of terror and panic caused by a clot in his lung they failed to diagnose.  I previously wrote the story and how the "specialist" punk saw me in Macy's parking lot and ran into the store.  Now, hardly any people in the lot or store since they are ready to close, so if I happen to see him, no crowd to save him.  I've seen people say they have forgiven the person that murdered their loved one.  I'm not that merciful.  People make mistakes, but for a specialist to watch someone with claustrophobia gasp in panic for weeks, no way.  I hope your weekend has happier thoughts than ours will.
Comments about overdyed and expensive silk thread coversion were left and while ordering the Animal Crackers, I found these.  Didn't look for the silk but I'm sure they are out there.


Weeks Dye Works to DMC

This site starts with the DMC number, but you can type the color name in the top search box (empty text box in the middle), hit enter, and it will highlight the name.  That's how I found Ruby Slipper that wasn't on the other sites, and found the DMC equivalent.

I hope this helps someone.  I didn't look any further because we are packing up the smart tv to exchange since the backlight slowly darkens the screen.  Over and over and over.  It was only smart for two days.

Possible next project for the little round box I bought with the picnic basket.  40 count is perfect.  Stitched it once on the fabric covered box for my cousin Pat, personalized.  Her mom's name was Jenny and I used Pat's initials and those of her sister with early dementia instead of the date.
We are covered in heavy wet snow and will have very cold temps for a while. 
Have a great weekend.



Rugs and Pugs said...

How sad about your dad :(
No snow here (yippee) but it is going to get COLD. I'll be picking daffodil buds today because they won't survive.
Hugs :)

C. M. Designs said...

Thinking of you this weekend. So sorry your Dad had to suffer because of a doctor's negligence.
It's very cold and very windy here is Va. Yesterday was in the 37. The cherry blossoms in DC may be affected.
Have a cozy weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Karen Budnick said...

Sorry about your father. I had a similar experience with my late husband who died at age 59 because of his physician's lack of experience/training/intelligence/ name it. Last I heard she'd given up her practice and was working at a walk-in where she could reasonably diagnose and treat a head cold. When we requested his medical records for an attorney, it was clear that she had altered the records. Look forward to the warm weather and buy yourself some flowers in his memory.
Wishing you well...

Kristen said...

Sorry about your Dad, Marly. :(

Carol said...

Hoping you can get through this weekend by remembering the happy times you and your dad shared, Marly. That sounds like a horrific way to lose a parent--I can't imagine...

I remember when you stitched that pretty box for your cousin Pat... Look forward to seeing the next one, too.

Enjoy the snow--it sure was a winter wonderland we woke up to, wasn't it?

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Thank you for sharing the conversion links--will bookmark for easy reference

celkalee said...

When I saw the beauty of our snowfall this morning it rather lifted my spirits even though Winter is not my favorite season. Everything looked clean, almost magical. I understand the pain of your loss, there is no way to compensate for such a situation. Thank you for sharing the links, every little bit helps.

Barb said...

Nothing worse than an incompetent Dr. They are so dangerowus. So sorry your Dad had to suffer that much.

Anonymous said...

sorry about your Dad. Remember the happy days with him. Love your new basket project . Thanks for the links..cold here in Michigan. We have tons of power outages here due to the high winds we had here this week. Going down to 14 tonight. Thankful we have power. Snow here on Monday. Winter is back.

Theresa said...

Sorry. I didn't put my name. Last comment was from me. Theresa

Truus said...

You will have to remember the happy days with your dad this. weekend Marly.
It happend with my husband too so I understand your feelings about the Dr.
The box you made for Pat is beautyful and so will this basket.
Stay save with the snow. Here in Holland we have lovely spring weather with lots of sunshine.
Greetings Truus from Holland

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your Dad, try & have a nice weekend.
Absolutely LOVE your blog. You are definitely my first blog read daily.
Thanks for the conversion sites. I'm sorry I still have a question: I still can't find the DMC conversion for Ruby Slipper. I'd appreciate your help.
Luv U Marly

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