Mar 1, 2017

I forgot

to mention the change in product at JoAnn's.  Touch of Silk, our favorite bagged fill, is no longer available there or at any other place locally.  It's been replaced with Fairfield's Silky Soft.  I tested it this morning (I use steam and smash for density) and it did not melt.  Until Carol at Stitching Dreams informed us of this product, my standard fill would melt together when steamed.  This will become dense, requires more steaming, but does not harden.  So far, this tested about the same as Touch of Silk, except for having more loft.  I don't like it as well, but it's comparable.
Regarding the Magic Extra Crisp Sizing, cannot find it anywhere, only the Light Body.  Decided against actual starch, and tried Mary Ellen's Best Press again.  The first times I used it, I saw no difference in wrinkle removal or body.  None.  But I decided to try again with several coats and it did help with WDW linen.  Not as crisp as the starch but an improvement, and non sticky.  So I used my 60 off coupon at JoAnn's and got another bottle, also like the pump instead of aerosol.  It is an add-on item for only 5.49 on Amazon (here).  It comes in scents but I think with several coats, it would be overwhelming so I stick with the clear unscented.  If you try it, make sure you do several coats.
Finished with 1739, will show you tomorrow.
Have a good day.


grand pam said...

Thank you for every post. I use and enjoy each one. I have learned to finish my projects beautifully with your help.

Maureen said...

Well said grand pam! Marly I too always learn something from you and I thank you for your time spent sharing with us. Bless you!

diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I like the Ultra Plush it is so soft, I like the fact it does not bunch when filling anything.
I am not sure I would use the scented spray, I would be afraid it would turn rancid in the future.
Thank-you for sharing the new spray.


Jan Conwell said...

As a doll maker, I have several different "favorite" fills, but I'm always ready to try something new...can I ask what you're stuffing with this that needs ironing? Good info on the Best Press, thank you.

Carol said...

Oh, yikes!! I am so sad that they discontinued the Touch of Silk, Marly :( Luckily, I have two bags stockpiled. Guess I'll have to try this replacement stuff next time I'm at JoAnn's. Thanks for the heads up!

celkalee said...

Finishing the project is really the most difficult thing for me. Thanks for the heads up, I keep trying :)

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