Mar 7, 2017

What a difference a day makes

I went from wanting Monroe, a tiny picnic, miniature sampler, a filled cart at 123, to ..... eh.  I should have known better than to not have another project at the ready so there would be no slack time.  But I failed.  Slumping slacker I am.  Have no desire to even look through charts.  So instead I started another pile for reduction.  Another bag of floss, this time almost 400 skeins, shipped out yesterday to the next in line from the prior offer.  That will probably be all of it.  No one was interested in the Soie d'Alger I tried to sell a while ago so out it went along with the cards of Alpaca and remaining Whisper.  I just don't want to continue storing items I have not and never will use. 
For some reason, Basic Cloth is something I just keep putting back.  I won't stitch it but love the fabric so maybe I will find another use for it. 

Tons of small freebies and notes, instructions, hints, tips, take up several thick folders and I will go through them next.  In that group, is the detailed instruction for over one stitching from Joanie F that I will be holding on to.  It makes good sense to me and is different from what I've always done, so it may be the solution.

My extra wide LoRan magnetic board that I used to use is now hanging over my sewing machine to keep needles and dodads handy.  The large clips can hold instructions or pattern, and especially small pouches for rulers, pokes, and rippers.  Mark drilled slotted holes for hanging but I will use screws for securing it to the wall, otherwise, it moves outward when removing something from a strong magnet.  It will keep small items that I continually lose in one place and be smack in front of me. 

Another thing I don't need is a very nicely made tote, I believe for a frame of some sort.  It is heavy loop soft pile fabric lined with a very nice sort of silky material.  Gusseted bottom, 16" wide and 24" long.  Black twill straps and Velcro top strip for closing.  The lining is a grayish color and the outside a dark blue.

I will probably sell this for $20 including shipping (USA) because I have another that is short and wide for a frame that I don't even use.  That will be the next to go.
I've asked Mark to hide my Dove chocolate because I NEED to lose weight and have no will power.  Unfortunately, this is a task he doesn't excel in.  I have found them every time, so asked him to lock them in his car.  He's afraid he will need to replace a window so declined my request.
We set up a new TV today, ultra high def and in order to get a decent picture, we need to rent a cable box for another $15 a month.  The other HD TVs are sharp and clear without the box but not this one.  It's a "smart" tv that connects to my wireless internet service and offers everything everything, of which I know nothing nothing.  A smart phone before a smart tv would have helped.  Well... any smart would have.
Have a good one!
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Mary said...

We have a 'smart tv' too. It didn't help me be any smarter. I had to tape a piece on paper on the back of one of the remote thats says use this on to turn on/off. Sometimes I really miss the old days.

debbie haggard said...

Marly, I had to 'laugh out loud' at your breaking car window comment- and unfortunately I can totally relate to your no willpower comment.
Awhile back, sometime last year maybe, I think you showed us the instructions for the over one stitching. I would love if you would consider re-posting that blog-- now that I am considering a pattern that is over one I could use a refresher. Thanks!

C M Designs said...

We love our "Smart TV". So much nicer picture than the older kind.
I have hidden a bag of Christmas chocolates in my closet...........that is, hidden from my family. Every once in a while, I NEED something sweet, so to the closet I go.
I'm having trouble being excited about stitching lately. Have some new Santa charts that I want to do........maybe later.
I think snow is on the way for this weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Audrey said...

You will LOVE your smart TV. You can get Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu on it. Netflix is the best money I've spent in years!

Bonnie said...

If you ever decide to sell your piece of Basic Cloth please email me love that stuff do not know if it is made anymore. I sent for years ago finally stitch(this took me years to use it) love how it turned out. Did not do a sampler on it it was a Halloween design.Bonnie

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Marly, Oh a smart T.V will be wonderful, I need a smart Ipad, lol, having issues... Blessings Francine.

Krissy B. said...

I'm working a double today because someone has the flu and I'm on a mini break so had to sneak into your post that I didn't read last night. Thanks for the laughs on this long blucky day. My little ray of sunshine in the gloom. You are such a joy!

Carol said...

Ha ha! I do the same thing with my husband, Marly! Have to have him hide any chocolate covered nuts that he brings into the house or I'll eat them all :)

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Ha! He is a smart guy!!

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