Apr 29, 2017

What's this?

Rebecca Hall on poorly cut linen.
Pineberry Lane is having a sale this weekend, ending Sunday 4/30 at 6pm.  I have several of her designs but one that I do not remember caught my eye.  Small and simple, chose the e-pattern, and decided to start it right away before the bloom faded.  But you know I am changing colors don't you?  Mainly because I chose 35 count Straw linen and this piece is pretty gold.  Changed the greens to brown but the blue will stay, and I may add more color into the motif body.  Reproductions are true to their antique originals but ..... I am not a purist and have no issue with making changes.

It will be another stuffed small to hang on a doorknob or peg, about 5.25" square on 35 count.
A cold and rainy Saturday brought the Nitster in for a snoozy afternoon.  He was curled up in the back of the box most of the day and I could not find him, thought Mark let him out.  Eventually his ornery little head appeared and he slept like this for another hour.
Hope your weekend is going well.
Thanks for visiting.


Barb said...

That is such a cute little design. I'm with you -no purist here. I rationalize that if those girls had the variety we do today, they might choose differently too!

Margaret said...

How could he sleep like that? lol! So funny! (I hate when linen is cut poorly like that. Ugh.)

C. M. Designs said...

I like your new little stitchery piece. When I was sewing, had a hard time with material that wasn't cut straight.
That Nitzy has such a good life. Our girl kitty sleeps in the top of the "cat tree" with her nose stuck in a corner. Don't know how she sleeps that way.
We had a hot and sunny Saturday, however, I hear that rain is on the way.
Charlotte in Va.

Jacqueline said...

Yes it was a cool, dreary day here in Ohio yesterday. Good day to stay in and create.
Have a great Sunday.

Vickie said...

That is a sweet, little sampler. Nothing but rain for days here. Makes me and Mabel limp with my bad hip and her slipped discs.

kelley said...

love that little sampler...have to go grab the pattern so I can hook it! poorly cut linen makes me grrr...it's so expensive...happens with rug hooking too, which is crazy since you can pull a thread to keep it straight...

oh cats...they can sleep about any way at all, great little box

diamondc said...

Hi Marly: Love the new Sampler Design, I am like you I change colors and even fabric, I hate when fabric is cut wrong but hey some of the fabric I order is over the net sometimes I never know what I am getting.
I hope you are having good weather, we are expecting some snow today ick.
Nitster is so sweet, I wonder how cats and dogs sleep the way they do somedays, my dog hangs her head off the sofa, blood would run to my head and give me a headache.


Carol said...

I actually loved the rainy cool weather yesterday! It was nice to just stay inside and stitch for a change without worrying about all the outdoor stuff that still needs to be done.

Look forward to seeing you work your color-changing magic on that cute Pineberry Lane design :)

cucki said...

Aww love the new sampler
So cute
Sending you warm hugs x

Anonymous said...

Aren't cats funny, the positions they get themselves in, and look so relaxed doing so!
I think it's so admirable how you care for your semi-strays... not many people would do such a kind thing.

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