May 18, 2017


And it isn't adding up.  I was attempting to work the new mini sampler's colors on to a piece of raw Belfast.  Looked bigger than it should for 32 count.  So I measured.  It's marked Belfast 32 but it is not because my work came to 15 stitches per inch or 30 count.  Does it matter?  If it didn't, we wouldn't have the option of 28, 30, and 32 counts offered.  On a small piece even a half inch makes a difference so yes, to me, it does.  I took a piece of Tin Roof in 32 count for testing, and it was worse that the Belfast.  It's 28 count.
Looking at the 30 count, I can see it is tighter than the 32, which is really 28, so the 30 is probably correct.  Follow me?  But both the Belfast and Tin Roof 32 count pieces are not.  I wanted to use 35 to keep it very small but I have no unbleached or darker neutrals, and do not want to start messing with the dye jars.  I'll do a more thorough search through the mess for 35s.
When you are slumping along and not feeling the needle love, all it takes is a little bump in a road to make you ride away.  But I will try to keep the pedal to the metal.

I was hoping to have something worked out last night because today I have to spray the weeds and grass around Carole's house before the landscapers come.  All that trigger work will most likely make the finger worse, but if I eat a Breyer's low carb fudge bar, I will have a stick to tape on for support.  A damn good means to an end don't 'ya think?
Have a good day folks.
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