May 26, 2017

Lone star

I chose to stitch only the star from the chart, on 32 count Gunmetal linen.  This lazy stitcher didn't want to fill in the blue so this fabric does the trick.  The alphabet could still be done in 822 or 676 on this color and I think it would look really nice.
My plans for finishing?  I want to use the same linen on the back, outline stitch the star shape and fray the edges of the linen.  It will be very small and I doubt I could sew right sides together, turn, and stuff.  A small square ornament would be fine too.  But I'm showing it now because something tells me it may never be seen again once I start the finishing.  It's been a long time since I've set a match to any linen, but my moods lately indicate the time is drawing near.

Enjoy your weekend.


C. M. Designs said...

Your "lone" star is wonderful.
I have stitched small bunnies, etc. to make tiny pillows. Love them.
Happy Memorial Day weekend.
Enjoy your beautiful petunias.
Charlotte in Va.

Mary said...

Wonderful, it would be nice just flat and used as a banner. Reminiscent of the gold star banners . Enjoy the weekend.

~mj~ said...

Thank you for the star and the chuckle...I have been tempted many times to burn a project but have resisted thus to the brats!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Lone Star looks super, Marly. Your petunias from the previous post look wonderful. Have a peaceful weekend!

Heritage Hall said...

Smart move on the blue... I am plowing through the
background to the star over 1 ...wished I had opted
to do that over 2... this one will not be for burning..
love the results. Great pattern.

Krissy B. said...

It's hell being human sometimes isn't it.I hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend. We are in lake country so we stay off the roads this weekend as thousands of people and boats pour in.I'm going to stitch and hook all day.

Margaret said...

Beautiful work. Hope you have a great weekend.

Barb said...

The star is so pretty and I love the linen you chose. Background stitching is why I gave up needlepoint after just a few small projects!!

Carol said...

It looks great without the stitched background, Marly! Hope you are enjoying the "lovely" Memorial Day weekend weather--it looks like it's going to start pouring any minute now and Tim is out on a bike ride :(

cucki said...

I love it
So cute x

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