May 22, 2017

Miniature #2

Hello people.  Just finished the second tiny and I think they are still too large for my feather tree.  But stinkin' cute regardless.  The threads are dusty and muted and even though different from the first mini, they look the same.  Here they are together.
I used cotton candle wick braid for their hangers after lightly washing the package and dipping in my tan dye. 
I will post the chart maybe tomorrow.  Once again, I am feeling like stopping it all including the blog.  This minute, I am saturated in flash sweat and they are starting to get to me again.  The diet, being hungry, and not losing is adding to my bitchdom.  Yes, I have moved up a notch or two from crabass.   I gave it two additional weeks and nothing has changed so I am moving on to my own plan or low carb.  The WW Simply Filling plan that allows all meats, is a little deceiving.  Not all cuts of meat are allowed without points and everything needs to be looked up and counted.  Moving on.  A good plan for many, but not for me.  Yes you can have anything you want, but the rest of the day becomes very limited and that can be applied to any diet plan.
Be back with the chart in a day or so if anyone is interested in stitching it.
Have a good day.  My furnace is still running.


Robin in Virginia said...

It turned out great, Marly! Hmmm, never thought to use candle wicking for trim. Neat idea!

Jacqueline said...

I tell myself over and over to "count" what I put in my mouth but, I just can't do it. I like to eat junk more than I care about my weight. Maybe some day I will get the necessary will power to do better. Geez I hope so. Love the mini's.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Hopefully the new diet plan will work for you!
Hugs :)

Kristen said...

Hey Marly, I'm peri-menopausal and had been having hot flashes off and on. Recently, I started eating a lot of soy (I'm a longtime vegetarian) and the hot flashes stopped. Completely stopped! I'm not suggesting that you go meatless, but maybe adding soy to your diet will help with the hot flashes? Worth a try.

Heritage Hall said...

Good luck with the might do the trick....
Started working on the Gold Star and as with the original
small, I am using 22 hardanger over one and the size
is perfect for a feather tree. Looking forward to doing
the next. Many thanks for the inspiration and graphs.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marly, The miniatures are beautiful!! I love your colors!! What a clever idea to use dyed candle wick for your hangers!! I'm so sorry to hear about the diet. Definitely, go with your plan. We're also experiencing cooler temperatures than normal. Hoping you have warmer weather soon. Sending well wishes to you. SAH

Pam in IL said...

The minis are beautiful! Sorry to hear about the diet and hot flashes. I tried lots of different things to help with my hot flashes, including soy, but my doctor told me to stop the soy because of it's estrogen-like properties and my increased cancer risk. My furnace is still running too. I hate the temperature swings our weather is putting us through. Hang in there!

debbie haggard said...

Love both of your minis! Whether stitching, blogging or dieting, do whatever you need to find peace and satisfaction for yourself. Wishing you strength.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

If I don't eat a little something every 2 - 3 hours when I am awake, I get hot flashes. I'm 67. Maybe your blood-sugar levels are falling too low and the adrenalin is kicking in, telling your body to go and hunt for food! However, before reaching for the Doves, sugar and chocolate also give me hot flashes. It's a sorry state of affairs. A slice of buttered toast is a good thing, or a bit of cold chicken, or a few almonds or dates.

C. M. Designs said...

Being stressed is not good for incentive to losing weight. Sorry you're having difficulty in that area. I know how it is.
Your new little samplers are adorable. I can't seem to get started on anything, stitching wise.
Have the AC on here, then the happy medium. Crazy weather.
Charlotte in Va.

Karen Martinsen said...

Good morning Marly - yes it's me....been a long time since I've been blog hopping.
I love your do such wonderful work.
I remember those days, not fun!!!
And as for dieting....well, it's an on again - off again for us here. Can't seem to stick to anything for any length to see results so I have decided to just eat less and lay off the sweets, which are my huge nemesis...and WW, I liked the OLD METHOD - it seriously worked for us....these new plans they have are WORK!!!
Good luck my friend.

cucki said...

I love both of them so much
Wishing you strength
Hugs x

Truus said...

Love your little sampler and what a clever idea to use the candle wicking for the hanging.
Hope you will feel better soon and perhaps its better for you to eat the whole day small proporties instead of 3 meals a day.
Greetings Truus from Holland

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Those are such beautiful finishes. Thank you for sharing!

Karen Budnick said...

I'm on WW (and yes, I go to the meetings). I am losing weight when I follow the program. I'm going to be done with it in a couple of months (the goal is 20 lbs.) and then I don't have to pay anymore. I cook for my husband and myself and most of the time my stepson and I've found WW recipes we all like and pretty much repeat the same meals over the course of a month. I'm not perfect with tracking but most of the time close enough to lose slowly. I just had a coffee with a Nonni's biscotti and we're having leftover casserole for dinner with a salad. Cherries for dessert. Any program is limiting in some way - I don't care program I do - it's not as much fun as eating whatever I want....ever!

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