Jun 2, 2017

Decision made

I tried the two strand tent and it would look really nice, but I am not as good a stitcher as I could be so I am not satisfied.  The time it is taking is longer than doing a regular cross and my floss is always in the way of seeing the linen.  Usually I stitch left to right, for over one I am following instructions that move right to left.  I need more practice to prevent the floss from lying in the way of my next stitch.  But right now I am not ready for this, and I realize now that the Summer School series is not a project I should attempt.  I will do Simply Red over two.
Another reason for this decision is wanting it to be a little larger for a door or knob hanger.  Haven't chosen the linen or thread yet, it may be this green, Tin Roof, or the Chestnut.

Miss Patty Planker showed a fat killing exercise video.  I told her if I try it, it will kill more than fat.  I made it through 30 seconds and stopped to ensure survival.  It was touch and go for about 10 minutes after.  She is doing so well, it gives out of shapers like me some hope that with small steps, we can get there too.  Or at least close!
Hope you have a nice weekend.


Margaret said...

Have you heard of the app couch to 5K? Yes, you too can go from being a couch potato to running a 5K. :D Not me, though!

Barb said...

I applaud your decision. I just want to stitch for fun, not for a challenge!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I just found a half stitch called continental stitch that somehow makes the stitches look fuller. I posted a link on my last post.

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