Jun 22, 2017

What took so long

for me to realize that there was an easier way to sew a finish when using interfacing?  A few years ago I posted about the method a seamstress recommended, which was to cut the interfacing to fit inside the seam and then fuse.  I didn't do that for long. 
I went back to fusing first, then sewing the seam.  Why?  The last two projects had clean edges to follow so I just had the presser foot ride along the stitching before fusing.  A light bulb was shining above my frizzy head, then exploded when the flames from a hot flash shot out. 

(I went for a haircut today. Looks the same only shorter.)

So much easier to see the pulled linen thread, the Frixion pen line, any guides for a straight seam.  After sewn on the three sides, I fused the interfacing extending it past the sewing line.  So much easier!  Why didn't anyone tell me?  Better yet, why didn't I realize this before?  All that measuring and marking, unable to see the guide through the facing, was wasted time.  If there is no border, I will still have to run the Frixion or pull out a linen thread, but following it will be much easier, of course, SINCE I CAN SEE IT!  What a putz.
Covered the stitched seams and corners with the fusible after machine sewing.  With only three sides sewn, it is easy to square the piece before fusing.
Pressed open and clipped corners as usual.
Turned out and then pressed the bottom hem, ready for gluing with Tacky.
Ta-Da!  Stuffed, glued, done.  Much easier.  I have a few more recent pieces to sew and will follow the same method.
 All those times I was struggling to see the guide and it never dawned on me to apply the fusible after.  And I was close a few years ago!  Except for cutting it to fit inside and not including the seam allowance which appears to make a nice crisp edge.   Let it go crabass. 


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

What a nice finish. It is always fun when we learn a new trick. --Andrea

JnL R said...

Thanks for sharing! It's news to me too, good news!
Your finish looks great as always.

Truus said...

Great way to finish a piece of stitching.
Made the freebee you have made for us with the alphabet and now will make it on top of a box.
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

Barbara said...

sometimes we make it harder on ourselves.....why?....no idea

Krissy B. said...

I'll try this with the 1776 piece. Your finishes are always perfect. Hair is a 4 letter word. I look in the mirror and think it just can't get worse and I have to do something so I go and pay a fortune to get it cut and sure enough, it can get worse. I have never been able to win that battle.

Barb said...

You are so great about sharing your discoveries. So many times I am making the same mistake! thanks!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Great tip! You are adorable!

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