Jul 10, 2017

Dark and damp once again

More rain today - see the drops on the tub?  Just started when I went outside to check geraniums.  And it's chilly.  Very cool air last night and I needed a cover to sit outside. 

 We've been pressure washing the driveway which takes a few days and Mark is out there now adding new strings of obscenities to the standard phrases.  Seems there is a problem with the washer so I will stay in here.  I don't understand why men get so upset when we tell them what the problem could be and ask forty questions all starting with "did you...".  They are so sensitive.
 Now the sun is out.  Whoops.  There it went. 
 Still working on Polly and completed the first two pages of the chart.  Enjoying it! 
Have a nice week.


Mugwump Woolies said...

Love the red geraniums in the tub! Such a simple thing and it looks so classic! Lucky you...you have two tuxedo cats and I don't even have one! Enjoy the cool...it's hot as h@#$ here!

jan said...

You gave me my daily chuckle - men getting upset when wives make suggestions. So so true! ...jan

The Eveningstitcher said...

My husband never listens to be...as a result....today with the torrential rains, our bedroom ceiling has taken on leaking. dripping, with soggy wet plaster that's ready to break through...I've been telling him for over two years, that the little heap of white plaster flakes on my nightstand every morning is NOT NORMAL!!!!!! He told me I was being ridiculous... Now...we have a horrible mess to contend with and a huge expense...but what do we know??? We're only women!!

Anyway....I love the geraniums in the tub...and I love the tub!! (sorry for the rant...I'm seeing dollar signs flash before my eyes......)

CathieJ said...

There has been a problem with my washing machine lately, but Hubby can't believe that it won't work for me because it always works for him. That was until he had to bale all the water out today. He never listens to me. I love your tub of flowers and the cute kitties. Enjoy your stitching.

Theresa Laboda said...

Truth..women are always right. Too bad husbands don't think so. Love your flowers and the sweet kitties.

C. M. Designs said...

Hot, hot and more hot here........no rain until maybe Friday.
Love your geraniums and kitties.
My late husband would never ask directions.........how to get where we wanted to go. Would drive me "nuts".
Enjoy your cool temps.
Charlotte in Va.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Could we meet a happy medium here? We desperately need rain and cooler weather. We have been in a drought with 100+ temps. Doesn't seem fair.
Yes, I do believe most all men just do not take women's advice. My hubs will ask, "should I do THIS or THAT?" I would say "do THIS" and he'll invariably respond, "Oh I think I'll do THAT". After 56 years of marriage, I say "I don't know, you can figure it out". Love your beautiful geraniums, mine are artificial. Kittys are precious too.
It's probably not a good idea to say "enjoy the weather". But have a super great day anyhow.
Folk Art Hugs, with Peace for All,

Carol said...

This has been one of the oddest summers I can remember with all the rain and pop-up storms. But, our plants love it and we haven't had to water once :)

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