Jul 16, 2017

Power flower

Hey all.  How was the weekend?  We had nice weather without rain for two days.  But I am still upset that July is half over because with the cold and then rain, it seems like summer is just starting, not half over. 
A few photos of yard stuff with those amazing Vista petunias.  The whiskey barrels are already covered and the plants have been trimmed twice.  These were transplanted single baskets, and because of the extra dirt and room for growth, they are three times the size of the others still in pots.

The white planter is the original pink Wave petunia.
This is also a Vista petunia in fuchsia.  It is still in a pot, no extra dirt like the barrel, but I assume it would get just as large.  Next year, this may be the color in the barrels.
We had visitors this morning, three hens and two different broods, both with only a few chicks. 
I'm making good progress on Polly, almost finished with page three.  If you remember, I offered three bags of floss with hundreds of skeins each because I had way too many.  So now, when I run out, I have no backup inventory.  That's OK. 
When I went into the room to check my floss box, I see my sampler sack down, feathers removed, cupboard door open, and dried parsnips that hung on the knob on the floor.  Missy was here.  What a brat.  Missy Mischief, or Punky Monkey as we sometimes call her.
This afternoon we attended a family graduation party and good thing we did.  I was planning a surprise birthday party for husband, his 70th, and was told by my cousin that he is indeed, not turning 70.  He will be 69.  Whew.  That would have been embarrassing.
I should be starting on page four this evening.  I don't believe I have any errands to run for Carole, that will be tomorrow.  She will be having the surgery within weeks if the cardiologist agrees to sign off.  He is debating and thinks her heart may be too weak for anesthesia, but another doc feels the risk is minimal.  Answers will come this week.
Have a great start to your week.
Thanks for visiting.


Kristen said...

Thanks for posting the turkey picture, Marley. I think they're wonderful birds. Your flowers are stunning.

Barb said...

Great turkey pictures. Your yard looks wonderful in spite of all the rain. Our flowers are slower this year because of cool temps and a very rainy Spring. I hope you get some good news this week.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Commented to hubby today that July is half over--can't believe how fast the summer is passing. Your flowers are beautiful as is your stitching. Prayers and positive thoughts for Carole--doctors, diagnosis, it is difficult to process.

Vickie said...

Woo hoo! I L♥VE your flowers lady! Praying for Carole.

Robin in Virginia said...

Marly, your petunias are gorgeous. Great turkey pictures; we have seen some singles, but no families so far this season. Continued prayers for Carole!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Your petunias are amazing !
And lovin those turkeys.

debbie haggard said...

The fuchsia petunias are fabulous!!
So glad they finally figured out your sister's issue was gall bladder and not heart related. Have a great week!

Frances N said...

Those petunias are so beautiful!!! The colors are so bright and they are just huge! Love them!
I also like those turkeys! Glad your kitties weren't out there around them!
I'm not surprised about the little bag and feathers....seems pretty typical of cats!!!
I hope things will go well for your sister.

C. M. Designs said...

Your petunias are awesome. I know you must enjoy your backyard.........flowers, turkeys, deer....... kitties...........mischief makes they are for sure. .
Prayers for Carole..........whatever the doctor/doctors decide.
Enjoy your week ahead.
Charlotte in Va.

CJ said...

Love the flowers. Too stinking hot for the blooms to last in Texas. Beautiful turkeys.

Prayers for Carole.


Ellen said...

Beautiful backyard!

It really would be a surprise if you had his party a year early. He would never expect anything. You could call it 70 minus 1.

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