Jul 14, 2017

Slow Polly progress

Hiya folks.  When do you do the majority of stitching?  Early morning?  Evening?  The only time I stitch during the day is when I am outside, late evening is best for me.  I guess because that is the time we sit and watch a movie or TV, no chores are done.  During the day I fidget and get up and down and can't focus, thinking I should be more productive and not sitting.  Between the ER evening, phone calls, and washing/rehanging all her curtains, I haven't had time to work on Polly.
I love the section of initials at a 90 degree turn.

Today I had an eye appointment for sharply declining vision (within a year) and am dilated, but should be OK by this evening.  I am very sensitive to any drug.  When the dentist tells me the numbness should be gone in two hours, it lasts closer to eight.  Dilation should be two to three hours, it's already been three and no change.  The strange result of today's visit, is improvement.  ????  I wear one contact lens for distance, the other eye bare for close up and have for many years.  The eye wearing the contact has gone from -2.25 DOWN to -1.25.  That's a huge difference and I have never heard of such a drastic change (improvement) in a short time, in a older person.  Or young for that matter.  He did all the testing and checked inside, said all is well.  I am very anxious for the pupils to return to normal so I can tell if the new Rx lens works.  Hopefully I will be able to tell if the worker in bright orange is holding a SLOW or STOP sign. Really strange isn't it?  The bare eye stayed the same. 
As for Carole, her scope revealed nothing new, same hiatal hernia as always.  They then sent her for a CT scan, early this morning.  She still has pain and has not been given her BP meds, heart pill, Lasix, nothing since she was admitted and this is day three.  Developing edema in her legs people!  She takes Lasix twice a day because of CHF so what the hell are you doing?  I can understand another test may be necessary so no food but for days without either?  The lady in her room is there because of another hospital giving her the wrong meds.  Same with the woman in the next room, doctor error.  Hospitalists are the thing now, but with most older patients, their personal doc knows their condition and should be making the decisions.  Carole's physician still makes daily rounds for his patients as do a few others, but most rely on the hospitalist.   He consults with her every morning even though she is under the orders of other specialists.  His opinion matters to her. 
I think the rain will stay away for the weekend and it is pretty hot and muggy.  Still can't believe it's the middle of July.
Have a great day and thanks for visiting.


Vera said...

I, too, love that 90 degree turn for the initials. I did a small sampler by Eileen Bennett years ago that had the same sort of thing (though not as many) and I remember enjoying it a lot.

So sorry about your sister's continuing problems/issues. Hope they figure things out quickly and get her back on her meds. Awesome news about your eye improving -- strange, but awesome!

Truus said...

Hope for Carole and for you they will find out very soon what they can do to help her so she can have meds again.
Love your turning initials in this sampler.
Stay save
Greetings,Truus from Holland

Margaret said...

I've been thinking that my reading eye sight has been changing quickly too, but I have no clue as to how quickly it should change. I don't know how you manage it with seeing one thing out of one eye and seeing the other out of the other. I went around with one contact when I was in high school because of vanity and a scratched cornea, and it was tough! lol! Hope the new rx is good. I also hope Carole is doing ok. It's scary with these doctor errors. :(

Theresa said...

Love your sampler. Hope Carole gets well soon. Wouldn't it be nice if they just got all the tests done in one day as soon as you got in and got it over with? They drag it out so much. Hope she gets back on her meds quickly and is well soon.
I need an eye exam I know my eyes have changed too. My old prescription needs updating soon. Hope your new Rx works well for you.

CathieJ said...

Most of my stitching is done during the day because I have trouble seeing in artificial light. I tried the one contact bit, but I found that I couldn't see my computer or any meal that I was eating. Now I wear bifocals all the time. Vanity be damned, I was getting nauseous when eating due to the blurred vision. My mother was given all of her meds at once last year when I had her to the ER and they kept her overnight. Needless to say getting 3 BP meds at once did a number on her hours later and resulted in another ER visit. You are going to have to speak up as this is a dangerous situation for Carole. I do hope that she starts feeling better soon. Take care of yourself.

Heritage Hall said...

Hope everything gets resolved for Carole.. It is a pity and inexcusable what is
happening in our hospitals of late. Thank God Carole has you as her advocate. The
very best to you both....

Vickie said...

What a horrible mess for poor Carole. Thank God YOU are there for her to advocate! This is a super sampler. I love the section of initials at a 90 degree turn also.

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