Aug 25, 2017

Sale date

Items on the For SALE page will be offered starting at 1 pm EST on Sunday the 27th.  Check is fine.  Paypal is fine.  Any questions, please email me,

  It sure feels like fall.  Really cheated this year of my favorite season.  Very late start, very early close.  I found two monster zucchinis this morning and made three loaves of  Death by Chocolate zucchini bread.  We really like the chocolate zucchini bundt cake, but every year I get requests for this loaf and it seems to be the favorite.
Recipe here.

The sale items will stay on the page until they are gone.  I decided not to split them into two sales because they certainly will not all sell at one time anyway.
Enjoy your weekend! 
Texas, we're all thinking of you and hoping for the best.

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