Aug 8, 2017

Wallets part 2

#4  Amy Mitten adapted her Ann Wade 1772 sampler into a Needleworker's Pocketbook.
Amy's website is
Ann Wade's tutorial is

This was on online class using 32 count Lambswool linen, Fibers to Dye For silk thread, silk ribbon and silk lining.  Stitches include buttonhole, eyelet, cross, tent and more.
#5  Mary Wright Alsop 1740-1829 is part of the extensive collections of Winterthur Museum and Gardens. All Queen Stitches, worked using 21 hues of silk thread on 32 count linen, glazed dusty rose colored inner cotton lining and silk ribbon
Kit is available from The Examplarery, Joanne Harvey

I think the queen (Rococo) stitch is a time consuming, detail oriented stitch.  It takes longer for me to do a single queen stitch than cross or tent stitches and some may find it hard to get into a rhythm, however, I love this stitch and the look of a wallet comprised entirely of queen.  Here is a look a the construction of a queen stitch -
You can watch an interesting video entitiled "Who's your Daddy?" that features the works of Mary Alsop, toward the end.  The long purses or reticules look stitched, but they are actually knitted with the finest of needles.  Amazing work, one of the beautiful items was worked at age 74.

#6  Flame Stitched Man's Wallet, Circa 1770.  This wallet appeared on a 2015 PBS Antiques Roadshow and I adapted and stitched this piece on 36 ct linen using Textile Reproduction ( vegetable dyed wool thread and linen lining.  Both Bargello and tent stitches were used.
#7  This is a wallet In Progress.  I'm adapting from the Winterthur Collection using 35 count Wichelt Antique Lambswool and Textile Reproduction vegetable dyed thread.  The entire wallet will be a repetition of 4 rows of green threads and 8 rows of red in various shades.  Finishing is yet to be determined.
Included is a picture of the actual Winterthur wallet.

And of course, there is .... the ponies.


That's all folks! 
Hope you enjoyed seeing these reproduction needleworks.  
Thank you Ann for sharing your work and passion!



Vickie said...

Oh so very, very pretty. I enjoyed just looking at these over and over again.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I love the ponies!!

Anonymous said...

The ponies! Oh my, be still my heart! I LOVE the ponies - everything about this piece is beautiful. I've enjoyed your wallet documentary. Kelley Secrest

Vera said...

Love, love, love the ponies!!!

deb said...

Ann's work is amazing - so glad she has allowed you to share it with us!

Maureen said...

WOW what artistry! and how fun to see those ponies again!

Annmarie said...

Thanks Marly for asking me to share my needlework. I hope that some stitchers will be interested in trying to do a reproduction wallet - they are such fun. I do not have a blog because I'm really not very adept at posting and working with pictures/posts on the internet. You do such a nice job with sharing happenings in your home and family and teaching us about your stitching choices and finishes and so much more. Thanks again for your kindness and bringing so many of us together as we share your posts.

CJ said...

That was amazing. Thanks for sharing with us. I think I may have to try a needle roll.


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