Sep 20, 2017

Bake bake bake

Tuesday's breads were lemon zucchini with lots of zest and nuts.
There is a glaze of lemon juice and powdered sugar that I didn't add since they are going into the freezer. 
 Edit - here's the link for the recipe and of course - my changes.
I used canola oil, not olive oil.
I did not “rub” the zest with the sugar.
Used 2  1/2 cups zucchini.
Zest from 2 1/2 lemons instead of two and also used 2 Tbsp fresh juice, not 1.
(we like lemon!) Still isn’t too overpowering.
Added a heaping cup of coarse chopped walnuts.
 I use the shredding disc on my old Cuisinart food processor and it is so quick and easy.  Only takes a few minutes to do several large zucchinis and the shreds hold up well for days in the fridge without getting soggy.  But just because I have shreds at the ready, I can't keep making breads so this may be the end.  I finished the night off with two more Death by Chocolate.
The first breads were double wrapped in plastic wrap and then vacuum sealed.  Unfortunately, the wrap didn't prevent the machine from sucking all the air out of the breads which are now, bricks.  We cut off the packaging but the poor things never recovered.  I expected them to take a deep breath and fluff up a bit, but they are still bricks.
We're down to the wire on the vehicle and although I really planned on the Forester, the Rogue has front collision warning, blind spot detection, much more chrome, and with those extra features it is still cheaper because Subaru's discount is minimal.  To get those safety features on the Subaru would add a few thousand more to an already higher price.  But it is a reliable and safe car and I'm taking another test drive.  I don't really care for either model's red color, no sparkle at all, but if I get the gray or silver or white, I will be walking around parking lots of neutrals, activating the car alarm to find it. 
Hope your week is going well.  This week we are having the weather that should have been August's.  And leaves are raining down earlier than usual.  Can you believe we're heading into the end of September already?
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Rugs and Pugs said...

That lemon zucchini bread sounds amazing!
My Rogue is 4 years old so does not have those neat features. Sure wish it did but not enough reason to get a new one. I hope to drive this for MANY more years.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
That lemon zucchini bread sounds so delicious!!! I LOVE anything lemon!!!! Hope you can finally figure out which vehicle is the right one for you!!! We are finally cooling down here in Arizona, after THE HOTTEST SUMMER EVER!! We probably took yours and everyone else's as well!! Hope you have a great week!
Heart Hugs~

Mary said...

My Buick has all those fun features, you really get spoiled. When I drive my husband's truck ( Toyota) I get so annoyed that i have to be aware of my blind spot! My car has the impact sensor too, I was unaware it worked for rear- end collisions too. I had slowed down to let a car turn in front of me when the alarm went off I looked ahead and nothing there, then BOOM! I was rear ended! I was fine, but not my new car, they are expensive to repair, because the rear camera had to be replaced too. Luckily I had a witness you saw the kid was "distracted".

kelley said...

The bread looks amazing...anything lemon has my name all over it...gotcha on the car color...mine is white and I better remember where I parked it or I'm in trouble...

Carol said...

Love lemon, so this bread is right up my alley, Marley! Thanks for the recipe and your changes :)

I'd say blind spot detection would be a "must" for me--my current 7 year old CRV doesn't have it, but my next car will!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

You are really making me hungry. I totally love Z Bread plus lemon. Wow, delicious.
Have a great day and enjoy a piece of that bread for me too, Barb

Karen Budnick said...

Your bread looks delish! Love, love, love my red Forester. I bought the basic model but felt I didn't need the gadgets. Of course, the first week I forgot to look at the camera and backed out of the garage and into my son's car when he parked behind me. I still don't need the gadgets but I do use my mirrors and can still turn my head before I pull out to pass. My 2006 Legacy wagon is still going strong and great in the snow. I'd never buy anything else, except maybe a broom! Good luck with whatever you decide!

Barbara said...

My grand daughter has a Forrester and there's no room in it at all. They have one child and she's expecting their second and now they have to trade it in on something larger. I don't know if you need cargo space...Forrester does not have it.

Bread looks yummy!

deb said...

Your zucchini bread is beautiful!!

Subaru has no idea how to make a pretty red, IMO (said she who drives a rather blah-burgundy Impreza ... which I love, other than the color).

Three Sheep Studio said...

Oh yum. Looks delish !!
Good luck with your test drive.

Kaisievic said...

That Zucchini bread looks delish! I will certainly give the recipe a try. Good luck with the car buying.

C. M. Designs said...

Your zucchini bread sounds delicious. Mine was very bland. Didn't use the lemon. Didn't use your recipe either........this was before you posted yours.
My daughter just bought a 2018 Hundai Elantra. She loves it. Gray with charcoal interior. The seats curve to hug your back......has the double mirror...she likes that too.
I love red...........she could have gotten a red one but decided on the gray. Very nice and "sporty".
Enjoy whatever you decide on.
Charlotte in Va.

Margaret said...

I tend to think it's worth the extra cost to get the safety features if it's a car you prefer for good reasons. (I got a Honda with the safety features.) As for the color -- ugh. It's sooooo boring! The only jazzy color is shades of red. Bo-ring. Guess what color I ended up with?

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