Sep 29, 2017

Car-less in PA

Hello people!  Been a rough week.  Something I ate declared war on my body which made me Governor of Grouch which outranks Commander of Crab.  Carole finally asked if something was wrong and became the Target of Temper.  Did she deserve it?  Yep. 
Going to buy a car this morning and I am at the point that I don't care what it is.  They all have a feature I like, and some that I don't, so what does it matter?  I just wish I didn't eat that entire watermelon half yesterday, because my healing body is making freight train sounds.
My emails can be received, but I cannot send or reply.  No way, even with the techs taking over my laptop and working on it.  My server is the problem and there is nothing I can do.  Even if I use a tablet or new laptop, my email addresses cannot be used for sending.  Great.  To those I emailed about purchasing the stitchery, sorry.  They have been sitting in the Outbox and I didn't know it.  Elizabeth, I would be happy for you to have the clothespin bag, but I can't contact you and even if it was working, you're no-reply.  I will keep trying to resolve this. 
This is as far as I got on the sampler.  Because I'm working without a chart, I ran a thread down the exact center and am working the bands out from that point so they will be centered.
Our leaves are browning and falling without changing to the brilliant golds and reds.  Long time without rain, none on the horizon, so blowing leaves is like working in a dust storm.  Terrible.  And dirty!
Have a great weekend folks.
Thanks for visiting.


3millplainrd said...

No rain here in Northern Indiana either and we could use it. besides, if it rained my farmer husband wouldn't be in the field harvesting and we could go out for a much needed margarita.

Rugs and Pugs said...

So dry in northern Ohio, too. I think it's been weeks since we've gotten any rain that got the pavement wet. So sad to see the leaves turning brown and falling to the ground.
I hope the car hunt went well.
Hugs :)

deb said...

Your king parrot sampler is looking marvelous. We have some dropping leaves and some have turned ... burning bushes are starting to look red instead of just dropping.

Good luck with the car purchase!

Marlene said...

You're doing a lovely job with that sampler....lovely.
Did you buy a car?
I love our Subaru Forester.

Barb said...

That little sampler is so pretty. I know what you mean about the leaves turning brown. Much the same is happening here. I guess .05 inches of rain since June(until very recently) is just not enough for the huge trees we have out here.

Truus said...

Love your little sampler without a chart.
Hope you will have a car that you will love.
Have a great weekend
Greetings Truus from Holland

C. M. Designs said...

Chance of rain here in Va. next week.........sure hope so.
Love the colors in your new sampler. HOW can you work without a chart ?
Hope your car shopping proved to be enjoyable.......and that you will love your new
vehicle for years to come.
Charlotte in Va.

Elizabeth Guadagnini said...

Hello! I think you mentioned me in your post about the clothes pin bag? Sorry, I think I dropped the ball on that one. I started keeping my granddaughters this week & a 4 year old & a 2 month old have wiped me out!!
Anyway, if you meant me, thanks so much! I'm not exactly sure why I was a 'no-reply' I'm not too up on this internet stuff. Ha but my email

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