Oct 28, 2017

As the optician says

One?  Or two? 
One?  Or two? 
I have the same question.
Thirty count used to be my favorite and I do have some left, but followed the chart with thirty two count.  Those two threads per inch make quite a difference and cause me quite a dilemma regarding floss threads.  I do not like the sparse look of one thread on 32 count, but two threads are heavy and bulky.  At least mine are.  And I really don't like stitching with two strands any longer.  The stag is one, and it's OK I guess, not as large an area as his coat.  But the dark blue contrast on the lighter linen is too open for me.  I tried a lighter blue for less contrast but it wasn't enough color.  See the heavy thread over his back compared to the single thread below?  It's raised like a little sausage roll.  My SIL used two strands on 32 Belfast almost exclusively and her work was perfect, no sausages.
 Linen to thread contrast would not be as noticeable on a darker linen but neither would this design with its dark thread.  (sigh) (nose blow) (cough).  I need to order 35 count raw/unbleached linen which is perfect for one thread, but I don't think there are too many options for that, most are dyed.  I will stitch a larger area of the blue before deciding if I want to start over on my last piece of beige 35 count.  Hoping I can put on those big girl panties and continue on this piece because I'm sure when completed, it will be just fine.  And it's seasonal, not something I will look at every day.  There 'ya go.  I knew if I yakked about it, sensibility would prevail.
I'm not sure if I will order all 13 skeins of wool needed to stitch Ellen (unexpected car bill for Carole) but did find a decent sale price for them.  Most online shops had the GASWT thread for $3.20-3.35 and Stitching Bits 'n Bobs has them for $2.64.  Simply Wool Threads. That's a really good price.  Ellen calls for Buckeye Scarlet (4 skeins) Dried Thyme (3) Grecian Gold (2) and one each of Harvest Basket, Driftwood, Dark Chocolate, and Forest Glade.  I may use the GAST cotton, but who knows?
I'll leave you with another one of our visitors.

Enjoy the last few days of October.  I'm still in shock!


Diane Prenatt said...

I so agree. A lot depends on the make of the linen, no matter what the count. What I mean is, I'm almost down to 28-count Cashel or 32-count Belfast, nothing else, as I like to stitch with 2 strands. I just don't think you can beat those two. I think Carol of Stitching Dreams does almost all her smalls on 40-count with one strand and they look beautiful, but my eyesight isn't good enough for 40-count, and for me cross-stitch has to be enjoyable. If I have to work too hard at it . . . well, I already have a job!

C. M. Designs said...

Beautiful deer, Dear !
Wishing you an enjoyable Sunday.
Charlotte in Va.

Margaret said...

I hate stitching with two threads. :D It's why I like stitching on high counts of linen. And yes, the brand of linen makes a difference.

Mary said...

I like the look of two threads, although it might depend on the fabric. On linen one thread looks anemic and pulls . I do 28 or 32 count (my fabric of choice) even weave I always using two threads. Of course that is over two. I did 40 count once ( black) using a single thread and it was not fun so I agree with Diane I stitch for fun not work.

deb said...

A thought - is the linen you're using Belfast or just 32 count? Yes, I know Belfast *is* 32 count, but the couple of pieces I have marked specifically as "Belfast" seem to have an airier look (which I didn't like - that's why I still have them ... also, they are white or ivory and I'm not brave enough to dye them) and I finally thought the fabric threads themselves may be finer/thinner. That could explain why your SIL's 2 threads on Belfast looked nice while you're getting sausages. Maybe?

Perhaps Silver Needle would have some lovely (old fashioned) raw linen in 35 count?

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