Oct 4, 2017

How do I like the new car?

I don't know.  Why you ask?  Because I sat across the desk from the young frazzled Ford-Man, and with check in hand, frown on face, said ....  can I change my mind?  At this point, my husband's ball cap brim was covering most of his face, and he was so slumped in the chair one would have thought he was sleeping.  He was fully awake, just looking for a hole in the floor to crawl in to.  My newest new car will be in tomorrow.  I had already served them a coconut cherry zucchini bread and the chocolate zucchini bundt cake the day before, hoping it would compensate for the time and ream of paper expended on me.  What could possibly soothe the mood of having your employee drive 4 hours to get a vehicle, wash and detail, remove stickers and protective covers, only to have some wacky woman say ..... nah, changed my mind?  A Kobe steak and Jack Daniels?  Poor man.  He kept saying it was OK but I knew that as soon as I walked out, there would be some fighting words behind that door.  Was it all my fault?  Of course not.  Weeks earlier I had asked another dealer if the forward collision protection/blind spot and cross traffic warnings were to be offered in 2018 models.  He checked and said only the Titanium package (too rich for my plasma).  I also kept complaining that I was buying last years model because the 2018s would be out soon.  Nothing said.  The morning I was getting the car, the Ford website showed the 2018, with the safe and smart package, ON THE LOTS.  My new car will be the latest model and have the safety features and warnings that I wanted.  Same color, same car, just newer and smarter.  This cost me $5000 more but I didn't care at this point. With those features I won't worry about trading it in a few years to upgrade.  So as long as it's not a lemon, I will keep it for 10 years.  And frazzled Anthony will have a nice meal.

I needed a vehicle today so took my sister's (my old yellow Escape) and I did not want to give it back.  Can't tell you how I love that old car and the different feel driving it.  Such zippity-do, full length windows for excellent vision, more space without all the technology features, and my yellow and black queen bee hanging from the mirror. 

I stopped to get a pumpkin, holding off as long as I could to acknowledge the fall season.

But I am still clinging to summer also.

Won't be long until Christmas!  I happened to see this darling offer on Etsy (already sold) and searched until I found the designer.

Primitive Stitchin by Shelly Auen on her Etsy page, here.  Offered as an e-chart, instant gratification!  Why did I not see this before?
 Two of the brats, Bud and Missy, were de-flea'd yesterday along with yours truly.  Nitzy is just too wild and I lost hold of him just as I squeezed that fricking tube. 
We're all feeling the sadness this week.  I hope something has given you a reason to smile and brought some joy.
Thanks for visiting.


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Glad you finally were able to get the car you wanted!! LOVE your pumpkin with those watering cans!!! Come visit me if you still want summer!!! We have it is ABUNDANCE!!!!
Have a good week!
Heart Hugs~

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Hi Marly, sorry, but Did not read your full account of buying a car. Ours is a 2002 Toyota 4-runner and will be my last. I still love it. Only 98,000 +- miles on it. Served me/us well.
Love your pumpkin too. Sandy tells me, after she gets from home from her day program, that "all the stores are already decorated with Christmas stuff for sale". How sad. I for one love the fall and want to enjoy it before we return to 100+ hot and windy summer days.
Yes...we are hoping to move. do not ask where as there is a slight disagreement on that. Stay in California, the first state to become a Sanctuary State"???? or move to Idaho with 4 distinct and beautiful seasons and too far away from our children, the down side. Time will tell. We will probably stay put. Anyways, just wanted to share one of my life's dilemmas, we've all got them.
Love ya lady... Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings for the day.
Warm Wishes for a "Happy rest of the week" . . .
Folk Art Hugs with Peace and God Bless America, Barb

kelley said...

your money...your car...am sure the salesman deals with this all the time...my sister just bought a new Subaru after putting 217,000 miles on her Prius...I'm not even buying a pumpkin this year...

diamondc said...

Marly: Car buying is not an easy thing to do, we had our last vehicle for 11 years, I hated to give it up, it was in like new condition, the dealer gave us 2000.00 more then the blue book, now we have a 2017 Ford Escape and I love it.
I think that stocking is positively adorable, I need to copy you and look this designer up.
Hang in there my dear friend.


Margaret said...

Good for you for not being afraid to change your mind. Sadly, I think I'm the kind who would just go with the flow and not stand up for myself. I need to take a lesson from you. Hope you love your new car!

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy you are getting the car you want. I'd be like Margaret and not stand up for myself...sigh.
I haven't bought a pumpkin in several years. The da** squirrels come on the porch, chew holes in them and then drag them all over the yard. GGRRR!

C. M. Designs said...

Women are allowed to change their minds. I hope you'll love your new car...
I don't have a pumpkin yet........hope to get one soon.
I stitched the "JOY" stocking last year for a friend who loves anything "JOY". She loved it.
Also changed the colors and made a witch stocking with the words "Spooky" and a bat on the side. Did it in orange, purple and black. Solid top. You're helping with my creativity.
I'm afraid to think "what next" after the horrendous happening in Las Vagas. So very sad.
Happy stitching !
Charlotte in Va.

Vickie said...

Am I the only one wondering what color this new beauty will be?!

PatTofDE said...

Dear Marley--you, and others whose blogs I visit, give me a positive each day in this crazy world. What contributes to this madness I don't know, but you, sunshine, keep smiles on my face and inspiration in my heart. The world is not all bad; I believe there is much more goodness than not, but our news media feed us the madness. Keep on stitching and sharing your thoughts--they better my day. Love and blessings (and enjoy the coming autumn and its wonderful colors).

Maggee said...

I am with Vickie--wonder what color you chose?! Hugs!

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