Dec 10, 2017

A sale on For SALE

Greetings.  I have reduced the prices of the remaining pieces on the For SALE tab if anyone is interested.  Forgot all about them until finding them today and cut the prices quite a bit.
And I forgot to say when the giveaway ends.  Tuesday Dec. 12 at 8pm EST.  I've actually received more email entries than comments.  Some of you have mentioned that the posts are no longer sent to your emails.  I use the Reading List on Google for Blogger but have noticed that I am not receiving updates for quite a few sites.  And they are down at the bottom under "hidden blogs".  If I miss a day or two and want to catch up, there is no where to click "see more blogs" and I can't view past today.  Maybe because I am a Google+ holdout.  If you aren't receiving updates, just enter your email again in the right column.

While dusting the little parlor I found my Simply Wool skein in shreds along with several 221 cordings that I keep on hand for Santas.  That little sneak must have been in there.


It snowed.  Just a little.  But enough to tick me off.
Until I sat this Santa on the cupboard ledge I forgot about the Guardian Bells and what a great little gift they make.  When something is there all the time, you kind of absorb it and don't notice it anymore.  The same thing happens with messy rooms, after living in them for a while, they become acceptable!
Have a good one!


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Love your sweet trees and the picture with Missy is darling, even if she is a little stinker!
My favorite photo is the one with the lamp and heart box!!! So lovely!
Hope you have a great week!
Heart Hugs~

C. M. Designs said...

Everything looks so nice. Missy is a beautiful girl........they are all stinkers, even the ones here in our house.
We had quite a bit of snow here........very pretty but I'm not excited about it like I used to be.
Have a peaceful week ahead. Santa Claus is coming to town !
Charlotte in Va.

Janet said...

I've enjoyed your last few posts showing your Christmas decorations....very, very nice. Thank you for sharing with your blog readers..Happy Christmas 🙂

Maria said...

Bellissimo l'albero di Natale.
Un caro saluto, Maria

Carol said...

Lovely little snippets of your home life, Marly! Very warm and welcoming.

No snow down here--very strange as it looks like everyone else in the U.S. and Europe is getting some!

Vera said...

Love your trees and the sweet kitty by the hearth!

Maggee said...

Your decorations all look wonderful! And the cat snuck into a photo... adorable little thing! No snow here... as if it would... Hugs!

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