Dec 27, 2017


Hello all.  I'm sorry.  I didn't intend to boo-hoo or appear to be exploited.  It was just an example of a typical gifting session in this family.  I am 13 and 10 years younger than siblings, and the only one with technology skills although limited.  When asked if I have children, I answer yes, a 79 and 76 year old.  Many of you wonder why I put up with being the go-to efficient one in the family.  Because I am.  Rather than deal with endless phone calls of inquiries about stores, online offers, reviews, payments, and the constant issues with using technology, it's much quicker to do it myself.  But I am also Type A (well.. used to be but fading fast) and get a kick out of finding fabulous bargains with precision, exactly what is needed.  The frustration is because their requests are incorrect.  Carole is a Food Network junkie and her prior years gifts were for items she saw being used and just had to have, but when received, not at all what she expected.   This year, she was happy.
My brother the perfectionist doesn't even have internet service.  He prefers basics and donates a little too much to organizations every month.  The problem with him is, he obsesses.  I am on the phone for close to an hour at least once a day listening to the same thing over and over and over.  He has enough in his house for several antique stores (which he and my SIL planned to open before her second cancer diagnosis).  He's at the point of wanting to keep and display it all, which is creating quite a space problem.  Unfortunately, I cannot reason with him to get rid of the many items that are prefect for flea markets and vintage shops, and just keep his (too) many favorite collections.  If he passes before me, it would take me years to go through it all, literally.  And every item is spotless, clean, not a defect in sight.  Being the only family left, I do what I can and accept their faults, all the while reminding them that I have none.
 That information is always well received.
I received a sparkling gift from Catherine (I Love to Stitch).  She makes these light catching ornaments with tiny beads, mine is red, and I love it.  Thank you Catherine!
 We took a ride around the area called teacher's woods (most residents retired teachers), a development with huge beautiful homes.  The theme this year was outlining the dramatic roof lines with what appeared to be large white bulbs in a clear tube.  Absolutely perfect alignment so I doubt the bulbs were wire strung.   We may go riding in another exclusive area tomorrow before the displays are taken down.  But it is SO cold!!
We did have an icy dusting of snow Christmas Eve and temperatures are predicted to stay very low for a while. 
Since our mall lost its stores, a trip to Macy's and others is planned today since we have to drive into Ohio to exchange the tool chest anyway.  I can't believe Sears shipped this chest with obviously missing parts and a total mess inside. I still have difficulty dressing with my shoulder problem so trying on a few items may not be feasible.  I missed out on all the bra sales because of it.  You know I've had mishaps in dressing rooms before.  But this is minor and not even a blip on a screen compared to others so I'll accept the limitation and smile in pain.
I am having more difficult a time than I expected with the 40 count linen and had to remove many stitches to reach errors.  I was coming up one linen thread over instead of two, noticeable when looking over the work but not while that row was being stitched.  I need to go much slower than usual and that's OK because it is a small project, but I would never attempt a complicated or large design on 40.  Who am I kidding?  I wouldn't attempt them on 30 count either.
Hope the week goes well and you stay warm and safe. 
Please pick up any strays that you may see in cold temps and take them to shelter.

Thanks for visiting.


JustGail said...

It's OK to vent a bit about your family here. If you don't, it may come out at a very in-opportune time right in their faces. Sorry you have such woes, but at least you've realized the whys & hows of the situation. Not that it makes it any easier to deal with.

Is it terrible of me to admit that I did get a giggle from the way you told it? But it did remind me why I just throw money at people, rather than deal with the demands before and whining after.

debbie haggard said...

marly, when you do ever stop stitching, please consider taking up writing- short story vignettes with your kooky family at the center would be a hoot and a priceless

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your answer to if you have children cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

You ARE only human. I think you do a pretty good job trying to keep it all together.

Sandra in Texas

Robin in Virginia said...

I hope your shopping excursion went well. I love the last picture in your post today with the chair, wreath, and lit tree. And I will admit that I chuckled slightly as reading your gifting 'smifting' post.

C M Designs said...

As long as you have the strength, you will continue to be a wonderful sister. God bless you.
It is cold here, so I know it's very cold in your neck of the woods.
Am glad you're getting to see some pretty lights. Our street has been quite pretty this year........colorful !
Looking forward to spring, summer and Fall already.
Take care.
Charlotte in Va.

Vickie said...

It is frigid here. Your ornament from Catherine is wonderful.

Margaret said...

You are a very patient person to deal with your older siblings. :D IMO. Sorry you are still in such pain with your shoulder.

Barb said...

Family, family, family. We love them but how frustrating they can be! You were brave to even try 40 count. Way beyond my "old" eyes.

celkalee said...

OK, I was not going to comment after your post yesterday because I am also living a "dream" and didn't want to pile on but I have to say your issues entered my restless sleep last night! What a hoot! Thankfully, 40 ct linen is not on my radar. Good luck with that and a Very Happy New Year!

Carol said...

Ha--the only reason I don't vent about certain individuals in my family is because they read my blog! You are, in a way, lucky that your siblings don't use computers :) You can vent to your hearts content, Marly.

Glad you escaped that crazy Erie snow--I can't imagine. We got the same 1/2 inch as you Christmas Eve and that's it. It was nice to have a white Christmas for a change!

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