Dec 13, 2017

Tap...tap ....tap

Hello?  Becky J?  Hope to hear from you soon.  Click the postcard at right to email me.

Kelly, can't reply to you.  I did not stitch the Santa pillow (Postman), he was a gift from my SIL.  I'm not that patient!
Just because she is a queen, someone decided that tree will be hers, not Bud's. 
She didn't want to give up the spot, so was sleeping while sitting.  She finally got down to grab some chow, and ...

There seems to be a little war going on.  I think I will need a bigger table.

We have a local Cycle Shop that carries parts and my nephew went down WITH the bulb that needed replaced.  She brings out two Honda bulbs for $56 for his Polaris, and he assumed they were cross referenced since she was holding the original bulb.  They were not, and do not fit.  He took them back and the bitch (manager) said "read the fine print, no returns".  But it was your mistake!  Too bad.  They will not refund his money.  I am so PO'd.  They don't care if they are wrong, or if what they are doing is against the consumer protection laws.  So what do you do?  Hire an attorney for $56?  Write an editorial in the paper about their service?  They already have a bad reputation and have done this to others.  Live and learn I guess, they will get away with it.
Last night started like this..
and ended this morning like this...

On top of that, therapy was brutal.  Needless to say, the snark has landed.
Hope your day has some sunshine.
And chocolate.
Becky - hope all is well - please contact me.


Leslie Alexander said...

If he made payment by credit card, call the credit card company and complain and ask that they not pay the charge.

Leslie in Texas

C. M. Designs said...

I think maybe you need to get another tree for the little lady of the house.
I agree with Leslie. The credit card company should be able to help in this situation.
Love your snow. We've had a little bit and that is enough for me.
Sorry you're going through such painful rehab.
Christmas is not far away. Wishing you a very Merry one.
Charlotte in Va.

Truus said...

We have had also a lot of snow but thanks to the rain mostly has gone by now. I love the look of the white world but hate to go out in the snow.
Hope your treatment will be less painfull next time
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

wranglerkate said...

If he paid with a credit card, he can dispute the charge in writing with the credit card company. If the terms of the purchase were truly in "fine print" and not obvious at the time of purchase (for instance, was there a sign at the register stating no returns?), he will probably prevail.

debbie haggard said...

How funny that both kitties want the exact same spot. do you think they know that the other wants it?! I love your snow pictures- beautiful :-)

Maggee said...

Good thing you have some followers who were quick to reply to you, cause you need to pass on that info to your nephew and get that company in trouble!! Before ALL our protections are taken away! And.... WOW! I can't believe the snow already! Wow! Hope you feel better, but sounds like staying-inside weather for you, anyway! Hugs!

Tammy said...

If it were me, I would contact the Better Business Bureau. Also, in our state I would report it to the attorney general to investigate. Otherwise, these businesses will keep on doing things like this to other people because they figure people won't take the time to make the complaints. You could also go to small claims court to recover the dollars. Good luck.

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