Jan 20, 2018


Greetings stitching buds.  Hope the weekend is going swell.

A few readers made comments about the colors of Miss Mary (no-reply) so I thought I would list them for you.  The originals and my changes, mostly because of the linen color but also subbing for colors I do not have on hand.  I had no intentions of braving the cold for two skeins of floss and wanted to start her right away.  Monday I have a doc appointment and will stop at JoAnn for those missing numbers in case I would need them in the future.

My changes are in red.

For all the years of stitching you would think a person would have a decent library of needlework books.  Do you?  I do not.  Half of this measly pile are reference, some duplicates, one book was a gift, another was a win, and the big old one was ?????  That's embarrassing.  Many of you have educated yourselves, studied various types of samplers, can even identify regional source, and I sit like a bump on a pickle.  Am I in the minority or do I stand alone with not really taking an interest in these resources and trying to learn more?  
My sister (79 and a weak heart) and nephew (type 1 diabetic) have come down with the flu.  Hoping it doesn't get any worse, not sure what constitutes "the flu" these days, compared to a bad cold or bronchitis.  
After the steroids and the glut of sweets at Christmas, I am having a very difficult time reducing carbs (in other words, reducing the chocolate), so I checked into Weight Watchers again.  Did not work well for me before, but having to count foods did help gain control which I need to do.  If you are interested in trying the program, there is a special ending 2/1 that waives the starting fee and also gives you a free month.  To look up your points and recipes online only, the price is around $13 a month for 3 months, a really good deal. 
It's warming up a little and will continue to do so, hoping that's the end of the bitter cold.
Enjoy your Sunday!
Thanks for visiting.


Janet said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and I can't say I've a great cross stitch library either....I just stitch what I want how I want also...and so far it's pretty good...I am also tired of winter and snow and ice and cold ( but I live in Canada so this is the norm in January lol ) .....today we have warm and melting so things are looking up....hope you have a great stitching weekend 😊

Jacqueline said...

A nice free app or computer program for tracking your food intake , along with exercise,etc. is My Fitness Pal.com. You might want to check it out. When I was faithful in using it daily I took off 17 pounds. It is an incentive to curb your eating. Good luck with your struggle I can surely emphasize.

Kristen said...

I don't have many books either. While I do think reading about different regions and styles is interesting, I'm just not willing to put very much money into books that don't have stichable charts. That's why I liked SANQ - you got essays and you got charts to stitch.

Vickie said...

I have about the same number of books. I had that flu. The cough goes on and on and on. I still have it.

Annmarie said...

I hope the family is well and avoids the flu. I actually have 2 small shelves of books...that's it. I like looking at needlework and reading a bit but I consider myself a "simple" stitcher. I have certain types of stitching I like and do those. I have tried a few classes but it doesn't work well for me. I have to have certain lighting and be in a comfortable place. I stitch because I ENJOY it. I have found that lectures and presentations are my most favorite stitching classes and look forward to those. Take care and enjoy the warmer weather.

C M Designs said...

The new "free" points are working great for my daughter........Good luck this time with WW. Eat lots of protein, fruit, veggies and a little bit of Dove. She cooks blue berries with cinnamon and sugar, then puts them over Greek yogurt for breakfast sometimes. She uses the spray kind of butter to cook them.
Have you ever lost a needle while stitching ? I did and can't find it anywhere. I hope none of us steps on it. We'll know exactly where it is if we do. UGH !
Have an enjoyable Sunday.
Charlotte in Va.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Good luck with WW. My DSO has taken off over 20# in the last 9 months using their program.
Love your little display.
Hugs :)

Penny said...

I think you have more books than me. I have a few stitch dictionaries, and I do have the Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly magazines, but that is it. I always find it interesting when I do read about samplers, but for right now I just enjoy stitching them. Praying for your sister and nephew. The flu and this cold that are circulating seem to be especially bad this year. And yes!!! let's hope the bitter cold is on its way out -- although I suspect it will be back. : )

Anonymous said...

The "flu" is an infection by one of the (many) influenza viruses. They are a specific type of virus that come in many different strains and often mutate to create a new strain. There is a growing body of evidence that over-reliance on flu vaccines is causing the viruses to mutate faster and gain strength.

An upper respiratory infection is an illness that can be caused by numerous viruses and germs either specific (like influenza or rhinovirus) or general (infection not otherwise specified). A "cold" is often, although not always, caused by a rhinovirus. Contrary to many doctors' belief, upper respiratory infections are sometimes caused by germs, which *can* be treated with antibiotics. Viral infections cannot.

"Bronchitis" is an upper respiratory infection that has settled in the bronchial passages. It may or may not be treatable with antibiotics, depending on if the patient was infected by a virus or a bacteria (germ).

BTW, there is no such thing as the "stomach flu". It's most likely an infection by a rotovirus, E.coli, giardia, or similar gastrointestinal germ or virus.

Mombannister said...

I have one sampler book that I haven't looked at in years. I mostly do little ornaments...just something to occupy my hands while I watch TV. (And keep me from snacking). I don't really know what I'm doing, but I enjoy it.

Mombannister said...

I have one sampler book that I haven't looked at in years. I mostly do little ornaments...just something to occupy my hands while I watch TV. (And keep me from snacking). I don't really know what I'm doing, but I enjoy it.

Carol said...

I actually have thought you seem to know a lot about samplers and stitching, Marly--at least compared to me. I'm just in this whole thing for the love of stitching and have never studied the history of samplers at all. Sometimes I feel like a slacker :) But, that's okay. On the other hand--I do have quite a library of stitching books that I got from the library's bookstore when I worked there for a few dollars each. Do I read them? No, but they look nice on my shelves :)

Hope the flu doesn't pass on to you--I'm getting to be more and more of a hermit now that I've retired. Maybe that's a good thing considering the flu epidemic this year!

Hope WW is a success. It looks like an interesting approach this year with the Freestyle program.

JustGail said...

Everyone has the right level of books for themselves. I have books - lots of books, too many for what little I do with them. Mostly they sit on the shelves :-( I also have a huge number of cookbooks, but my cooking has been minimal the last few years. The number of books one has has no correlation to what they know or accomplish about the subject. I keep telling myself it's all for when I retire :-/

Good luck with the WW and avoiding the influenza or whatever your sister & nephew came down with.

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