Jan 15, 2018

It's snowing

and I'm crabby as hell.  Still frigid too.  But more than anything right now, I am so ticked off with my hair.  What the hell did menopause do to it?  My once Brillo textured mess is now so soft I can't even keep it off my face.  Tried shorter layers, all types of products, and my next fix will be Elmer's.  That's right, glue.  Watered down and combed through.  The magic marker works so well on my roots, I'm thinking office supplies is the aisle for solutions.
So after digging through linen, I decided on a piece of ???? maybe Country Mocha?  Since this sampler is small, 28 or 30 count would do just fine.  The size difference is minimal between the counts and I like the 5-1/2" x 9" resulting size of 30 count.  Perfect for hanging on the side of a cupboard.  This isn't 30 as I thought, it's 32.  Here we go again.  One strand (side) is not enough, two (top) is too much.  I'm not sure if I should just do two strands and let it go, or grab a piece that is clearly marked as 28 or 30. 
A reader gave me an excellent tip a while back about my twisting threads and uneven tension.  I always used the secure loop start when using two strands.  The two tails at the end of the needle would always be uneven and one of those strands looser in the stitch making it bumpy.  Not pretty.  She recommended threading one strand through the eye and centering the needle in the length.  The loop would be in the needle and the two thread ends loose, needing to be secured on the back.  Having the needle in the center allows for the same tension on each strand.  Still need to give a little right twist to the needle or let it hang freely so it doesn't tangle, but it sure is a good way to have neater stitches.  Especially if they are cramped in a 32 count hole.
And then there's the brats, roaming the house, sneaking up the stairs, down the stairs.  I give up.  Nit was so bored he started chasing his tail and fell off the sofa.  One of my sister's many cats had to have his tail shortened because he bit it bloody every day.  He was never calm because that damn thing was after him and his eyes were always going to the side, waiting, expecting, readying himself for the attack.  And then it showed itself and the screaming began.  When he would bite his tail and it hurt, poor guy though it had got him and that thing was causing the pain.
Have a good day folks!


Mary A said...

I'm laughing Marly and I want to thank you on this gray, cold, dreary day! My sister had to give one of her cats Prozac to make him stop is neurotic licking. He licked all the fur on his stomach and was working through several layers of skin. Thanks for the tip about using two threads in your needle.

Vickie said...

I love father and son analyzing the baseboard.

The Attic said...

I think one strand looks fine on 32 count. It gives it a little more primitive look.

Betsy's Stitches said...

One strand should be fine. The two strands look crowded and not natural. Should you elect to use 2 strands, I would suggest railroading to help the strands lay down smoother. You probably already know this method. place your needle between the two strands as you are going down into the fabric. It will most likely take longer for you to stitch the piece. It
is the method I use on all my pieces that I stitch with 2 strands. Hope this helps you.

Barb said...

Isn't it weird what hormones do to your hair. My sister went from straight to very curly!!!! I just have very annoying waves!!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I alway stitch like that, I call it "secured needle" and is great if you travel or have pets or small children because the needle can't come unthreaded.

It's very economical too as you can stitch to the very end of the thread.

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