Jan 23, 2018

Moving on

to the motif and bottom area, finished with letters.  I'm glad I took the time to remove and restitch in the correct colors.  Just those little areas make it more appealing to me.  I may pop more color into the flowers by moving to a slightly brighter shade of the floss. 
I haven't sewn Ellen into a pouch yet, and may not.  I like pouches but rarely use them as such, and her size would work well as a mini pillow or larger ornament.  Perfect size for the wrought iron hooks I installed on my interior doors.  I did baste her to the red wool and loved it. but it was a little too Christmasy and did take away from the sampler's details.  I decided on the dark green or a dark gold that also blends with the threads.  A heavier strap of the wool instead of a thinner hanger is the plan.  I really need to be in the mood to sit at the machine and work without a pattern or things get really nasty.
And you've seen this in so many proposed finishes from frames to boxes and frankly, I am sick of it.  I chose a ticking lining and a dark brown wool, will attempt a pouch from this, again.  If it fails as so many times before, it will be gone.  If it succeeds as a presentable pouch, it may be for sale. 
Our snow is melted and I was able to get up the luge track know as Carole's driveway to bring her supplies and groceries.  I only went to one store, Walmart, for all the items on her list.  They are rearranging the store.  I couldn't find anything but the bread isle and produce.  You would think vinegars should be with the salad dressings as always, but they moved them to the oil section.  I was so flustered I forget the brats' foods and a few items I needed.   The store looked a scene from a horror movie, bodies without expression, wandering aimlessly in circles, as if they were all hatched from pods.  Except for me.  I would yell down aisles to employees asking where items were.  Most knew and were very helpful. 
I do think what Carole has is the flu, it is in her chest and the cough can call in elk.  She is taking antibiotics and other meds, hoping it does not get worse.  Brother is on the monitor and will probably be scheduled for a pacemaker.  I will need to take care of his three maniac ferals, each with their own quirks, houses, foods, and routines.  My brother is truly catman.  When they had to move from a country rental, he asked the new owners to care for the six ferals he fed.  They replied they would have no problem with putting food out for them, with a little "something" in it.  He borrowed traps from the shelter and trapped them all, taking them 15 miles to a city home.  Feral.  Feral feral feral.  All six in his small house, never to be let outside, most hid for days at a time.  What a year that was!  Eventually they settled and allowed him and Pat to touch them.  Traumatic for them all, but they lived good lives. 
We're almost to February and I really need to line up the house project picks.  There is no pill for procrastination.  Can't swallow pills anyway.
Have a good one!
Thanks for visiting.


Chrie said...

Holy Heck, Marly....how about a sip (many) of wine or something stronger! Pulling for you!

Barb said...

What a story about the cats!! I do love that sampler. That's a great shade of blue you are using!

Heritage Hall said...

You are one grand Sister and keeper of the Family...bless you.
The markets in general are "shifting" products from regular spots
and making shopping time consuming and confusing. Also loading the
shelves with too many esoteric products not needed... Agree with
you about your choices for highlighting those areas in the sampler.
Lovely. Enjoy the sip.

Vickie said...

Thank God your brother asked the new owners of the country rental to care for the feral cats. And thank God they gave their honest, horrid answer!!! I am surprised they told him they would kill them!
We met Tootsie, my mom's feral kitty. Sweet thing. Got to pet her and she rubs up on you too!

Elizabeth Pollock said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I laughed so hard with this post! I am your newest follower and had to do a double take on the "About Me" part of your blog as I was just saying that very same thing on my blog recently! I just turned 63 and seem to be whining a lot... I know, deal with it girl! LOL!!! Anyway, love your blog and shall enjoy each and every post. It's nice to know there is someone else out there that thinks like I do...
Hugs for now from brrrr and icy New Hampshire

Diane Prenatt said...

Love your ponies, every time I see them.

Carol said...

Her cough could "call in elk!" Oh, my gosh--you are so funny. Not funny for Carole, though and I hope she improves soon. Lovely colors in that sampler--you know I'm partial to pretty blues :)

Vera said...

Love, love, love the ponies and the blues in your sampler are beautiful!

Frances N said...

Wow! You really are the very best caretaker of everyone!
Don't like those neighbors for threatening those kitties...
I have never understood why stores move everything around. We have been buying the stuff and it was working fine. Then, all of a sudden, the stuff you want is on the opposite side of the store. They "rearranged" the Kroger near me-largest one in our state. No one knew where anything was, and we all wandered around in there. They even moved the frozen foods around to different coolers. They had signs taped on each door listing where the previous food was located. We are all used to it now, so probably they'll move it again soon!!!

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