Feb 27, 2018


When you must struggle to pick up that needle, and it becomes a chore instead of a pleasure, it's time.  It happens, but when it continues for months, a serious reassessment is in order. 
I can't even finish this tiny sampler.


Cheryl Reeves said...

Oh sweet lady, I feel your pain. I had to stop doing my beloved cross stitch because of eye problems, thankfully I found punch needle and rug hooking.
I am finding even binding my little wall hanging quilt after Christmas was a
struggle and it makes me sad. I've tried the gloves and even a ball my sist4er gave me and haven't found much help.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
I am so very sorry you are struggling!! Praying for you, my friend!
Big Heart Hugs~

3millplainrd said...

I wish it was better for you since it is such a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Have you watched Mrs. Vendsal on Flosstube? She explains in the first video how stitching helps our brains and the meditative quality it has. That is why we are so drawn to it partly.

Maureen said...

How about give yourself a break from it and see what happens? Just step away for a while. Don't sort, toss or donate a thing.Just put it down for a bit and walk away. Flowers and outdoor stuff will soon have your attention.
Maybe some other craft will become attractive to you. This isn't a chore, a grind or a 9 to 5 dead end job you HAVE to do to put food on the table. The Stitching Police won't come after you if you just give it a rest. You always have the needs of others to see too. Maybe giving up stitching for a bit will give you time to look after yourself. Take care!!!!
P.S. maybe you'll want to take up golfing with your husband?! ;) :D

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Oh my, I've been in this situation for a while now and instead I've moved on to knitting and sewing little creatures. I'm enjoying it so much that I've not given stitching a thought except to wonder about the mountains of stash that I have and what on earth I could do with it. Of course I now have mountains of knitting and sewing stash!!

Carol said...

I think we've all gone through periods where we've lost our desire to stitch, Marly. You are so creative and talented that perhaps a new hobby might spark some interest. I've been spending more time on my home again after a long lapse. I've really enjoyed redecorating and just puttering around :)

Sandy In Montana said...

Sometimes a bit of time away can do a world of good. My last slump lasted for two years and only came back this December, but this time around I am incorporating in other crafts in between to help with not getting burned out on one craft.
Take Care, Sandy


It does happen--but then one day--just like magic--
it will return and you will pick up that needle and away you stitch--
so be patient with yourself--
or maybe a different project will just jump out and grab you!!
enjoy, di

Karen Budnick said...

Hi Marly - Put down your needle and thread and walk away. No guilt. This is supposed to be fun. I put down my knitting to start cross stitch. When I feel like knitting again, it will be there for me. I just wish I could do the tiny stuff like you and most of the flosstubers. Again, I tell myself, it's supposed to be fun. 40 stitches per inch is too much like work. I guess I'm an aida girl. It's okay, I'm going to be 66 soon!

deb said...

I"m so sorry it feels like a chore! Have to agree with what others have said - put it down, put it away, walk away from it and don't do anything permanent for a while. Open your door tomorrow and listen to the birds singing springtime songs, think about what you'll do outside this spring and summer, and don't stress over charts, threads and fabric. I spent over ten years trying to convince myself I was a quilter, but was so glad my partially finished sampler was there waiting to be completed when I got the stitching bug again.

Barb said...

Yep, I agree with the other comments. Just give it a rest and see if you miss it. I was an avid hand quilter for quite awhile. Finally my fingers got so sore, I just had to quit. I must say, I don't miss it at all. You will at lest find out if stitching has a place in your future.

Sweet Sue said...

stitching will always be sewn in your heart marly, rest your needle for a bit and see where your heart takes you. xo

Brenda said...

Just a hello Marly, and a wish for a better tomorrow!

Truus said...

Agree with the other girls.
Had the same problem and didn't stitch for a while. My patchwork I only can do by sewing machine and cross stitching so now and then for a half an hour or sometimes a little longer.
Think of other things you can do and enjoy the day.
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

C M Designs said...

There's always tomorrow to do some stitching. Don't do anything that is not enjoyable, if you can help it.
Sitting for long periods of time is not good either.
I stated the PS Farm animals and have put them away for a while. Just don't feel like stitching and all I do is 14 Aida.
I went out and pulled a few weeds yesterday (the sun was shining and it was 50 something degrees).
My daughter found a dead snake in our driveway a few days ago, so they are awake and ready to slither. UGH !
Thinking of you !
Charlotte in Va.

Annmarie said...

Marly, you are certainly not alone as so many of your followers have said. I haven't been doing counted stitching.....working on a wool applique hand quilting. I joined a FACEBOOK group - Emily Munroe Quilt and began my journey months ago. It's such fun. I did about 10 of the 54 squares and decided I wanted to add some of my own blocks. Some are those from designers I love (Rebekah L Smith, Three Sheep Studio) and a number are from Frakturs, Antique Rugs, Bookplates, etc that I love. It's been a great joy to stitch using my interpretation and be free to change it to my taste. I hope you find something that makes you happy and excited. Hugs, Ann

Catherine said...

Oh dear. It may be time for an exploration of other creative textile activities. I do know from experience that you do get the joy back, a change of scene so to speak is sometimes best.

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