Mar 26, 2018

Bird two

Just a few more stitches and I can sew the hearts.  Not planning to fill the bottom area with the satin stitches, I don't think it's necessary.
Made a sweet potato casserole for Carole.  Recipe here with a note - you don't need that much brown sugar or butter since the Ritz sleeves are smaller than they used to be.  As much as she loves this, she just doesn't feel like eating. The cough and head are no better. She is just so sick and Mark is accompanying me while taking her to the doc this afternoon. She is weak, low BP, and lightheaded, better for him to support her since my shoulder is useless.  Boy we've become a sorry lot.  We have appts every day this week.  What happened to the once yearly visit?  I hope there is something he can do for her without a hospital admission.
We have warmer temps in store with rain rain rain and then it will rain. The deer have ruined the lawn and their feeding area is almost impossible to walk on.  We'll try to find a few boards to lay on the ground for us to walk on.  Meanwhile, the Nit is on the prowl.  Sun is out, it's warming, let me out of this house!
Between trying to pick a house color, making decisions on the interior, Carole's illness, I have gained 8 pounds.  It's amazing how that happens so quickly.  My fault entirely.
Have a good week.


Vera said...

Another very pretty bird Marly. and that recipe looks delicious!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Love bird too and your is looking great. Sorry to hear about all of you not being up to par these days. You do need some sun shine but it is not looking good. Tace care and keep safe.
Happy Easter week, Barb

C M Designs said...

Prayers for Carole and you too.
We're getting rain too.....and warmer temperatures.
Happy Easter week.
Charlotte in Va.

deb said...

Sorry Carole's feeling so poorly that a favorite food couldn't tempt her. Hope doc visit got some help without making her an inpatient.

Love this bird, too - can't decide which one I like better.

Maggee said...

Nice little finish there! I am hoping that Carole's diagnosis does not include a hospital stay too! We get two nice days, starting tomorrow, then rain rain rain... well, you get the picture. Gee whiz! I'd rather be out birding than inside, tho I AM stitching a whole lot!! Hugs!

Akila said...

Cute little birdie.

Hope things pick up soon and back to normal.. prayers for all of you

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