Mar 2, 2018

Dry your berries and beans

First off, my tiny modified finish on 40 count.   The chart was kindly sent to me and I in turn have sent it to another stitcher.

And since there is not another project in my immediate future, posts will be about brats, birds, house projects, and today .... berries and beans.
It started with my bean salad (recipe here) getting watered down from wet beans.  So I tried drying them (and the other ingredients) on a towel to absorb any water before assembling and it helped to remove the excess moisture.  Since then I went a bit further which dried beans and berries quickly and easily.
After washing, lay the items on an absorbent towel.  I know some people use fruit as it comes, but I always use a tiny drop of Dawn in a bowl of water and swish all fruits and veggies well before a good rinsing.  It removes the waxy coating that keeps them fresher so I wait until it's time for use.  I rinse canned beans with plain water to remove the salted brine and preservatives.  Not necessary but I like a clean shiny bean!
Fold each side in, overlapping into thirds so no one can escape, and then fold the ends.
 Holding the end folds, slide the towel left to right several times so the items roll as they dry off, flip the towel over and do the same.

Now pick up the towel and release the fold on one end as they roll out into a container or bowl.
Unharmed and dry, they stay nice for a long period, and don't water down recipes.  I prefer washing a pint at a time so they're ready to grab for a snack. 
I make a garbanzo bean salad with diced red onion and red pepper very often and use this method on all ingredients to prevent diluting the dressing.  Works like a charm and also gets rid of the loose skins on those wonderful little banzo balls. 
Perfect method to dry the washed grapes for this salad.   For small servings I don't bother with the recipe.  Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla yogurt with a heaping scoop of brown sugar and chopped nuts works just fine.  You only need a few spoons to make this yummy treat and it's just as good as the original.  I've tried other yogurts including the regular Greek vanilla but they don't work as well.
And that's the information I'm sharing today, stuff you already know, have already made, already tasted.  But it's all good. 
(Karin, if you are referring to the top photo, it's from Yellow House Sampler by Sheepish Designs.)
I hope your weekend goes well.  We were planning on replacing a vanity at my brother's this weekend but with all the heavy rain, his basement is flooding so that takes priority.  I'm trying to choose a solid stain color for our siding, must be very dark brown if I want to keep the monotone scheme, but I sure do hate to see that weathered look covered. 
Thanks for visiting!  Stay safe.



Rugs and Pugs said...

Sweet little sampler 😊

deb said...

Great tip for washing and drying berries, beans and such - thanks! (hey, I have kitchen towels like that...)

Glad to see your little sampler finished, it's lovely. Sweet design.

Kristen said...

Cute little finish, Marley!

I also rinse my canned beans but don't like when wet beans dilute the dressing. Your towel method is perfect.

C M Designs said...

Thanks for the washing and drying method for fruit and beans.
I washed some strawberries yesterday (Fri) and they were full of sand and grit.
Have a great weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Maggee said...

It wasn't a waste of your time or uninformative... I will remember this for future eating! Thanks!

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