Mar 8, 2018

For Karin

Karin - you're no-reply with no email in your profile so I can't contact you.  I left a message for you in a prior post that the top photo is from Yellow House Sampler (Sheepish Designs).  I'm assuming that's the cover photo you're referring to, if not, please use the link at the top right to contact me so I can reply. 
There is also another Yellow House Sampler from Praiseworthy Stitches.  Didn't know this! Oh the trouble I would get into with this border.  I love elaborate outlines but detest stitching them.



diamondc said...

Marly: I love both designs.
I do have many Sheepish designs, I should get them out


Anonymous said...

Marly, the Yellow House Sampler from Sheepish Designs was the very first thing I stitched after learning how to, way back in 1987, I think on a 27ct. Didn't know what the heck I was doing. Turned out pretty good, except about 5 years later I was looking at it and realized I didn't stitch the windows in. Oey! and you think you have brain farts! Do love Sheepish Designs.

Shirlee said...

#1 calls to me :)

karin said...

thank yiu Marley !!!
I thought google saved my email.
Will try to look for the chart.
Sheepish is the one...thanks.

in NY

karin said...

thank you,thank you,thank you!!!!!


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