Mar 12, 2018

Got milk?

I came across this photo again, have always loved this room and the paint color.  Every time I see a colonial color on the paneling and trim I change my mind.  Dan's Saltbox Bliss featured darker red and green and I had to turn away!!  Will I ever stop questioning paint decisions?  Too many great colors in too many colonial settings on too many Pinterest visits. 
I tried the galvanized dining chairs that I was considering, found a set with thick wooden seats.  Unfortunately, those seats were no where near the size needed for my "seat".  The wood is very flat and not very comfortable at all.  And they are not galvanized, just painted metal.  I still think they would look great with a primitive wood table.
More bad news for the area. 
Our local milk processor that has been in business for decades is ending all milk contracts with area farmers, many of them fifth generation.  Sixteen dairy farms in western PA will have no where to sell their raw milk for processing and may be foreclosed or sold to developers.  They had little notice for this news.  In total, the plant is dropping more than 100 dairy farmers in eight states.  Contributing to this situation is the fact that Walmart is opening a 25,000 square foot milk processing center that will use dairy farms located within 200 miles of the Indiana plant.  Another location is pending in Ohio.  Our dairy plant sold to Walmart and many other grocers, some with store labels.  The article mentioned that farmers were paid $25 per 100# in 2015 and today that price has dropped to $13.80.  I hope there is something that can be worked out for these farms.  Some people want to rid the world of animal products. There will always be dairy and meat in stores so the only and crucial option is demanding humane treatment regulations and inspections.  Many people cannot afford the nut milks for their kids and except for sweetener and flavoring, don't like the taste.
Tomorrow is final day of installing a tiny vanity/sink and the washable cut-to-fit full bath carpet.  You have no idea how my brother drives us crazy with phone calls about the tiniest details over and over.  Thank goodness it will end tomorrow and he has no plans to start another project.  I'm taking my camera for a few shots of his arrowheads and oil lamps to share with you.  I know nothing about early glass and can't tell one from another, but a few are very interesting.
Carole is sick again, not real bad, but the codeine for the horrible cough gives her very strange dreams.  Mark and I found a new Chiropractor finally (ours retired) and I will see her Wednesday.
Hope all is well with everyone.  No more sad and bad posts, I'm done.   
Hope your days are swell. Thanks for visiting.


blueladie said...

Sending prayers for the farmers and you all. Cathryn

Nancy said...

I think it is time I stop buying from Walmart. Before you know it they will be the only store in town.

Mary said...

I always feel badly when Walmart treats the"little business people" badly. Milk will always be around but remember we are the only animals that drink milk after babyhood. My girls are both vegan, one is raising two vegan children even the dog is vegan not so the cats! So you get used to different milk, even though I still enjoy only cows milk with my pizza! Marly have you ever check out Plain and Fancy Merchant blog, Sandra is no longer blogging but one of her last posts was her holiday houses beautiful and great colonial colors. We are having our third Nor'easter today so I think I will drool over her post and her house. Hope Carole gets better soon.

capecodgirl565 said...

Being farmers ourselves, of the corn and soybean variety, you really have very little control over the income you derive from your harvest. The traders, who have no skin in the game so to speak, call the shots and prices have been in the toilet for 4 years now. A lot of farmers who have to pay high rents for farm ground are either getting out or going even further down the rabbit hole of debt. Luckily we own our ground, but you still only get what they tell you you are getting. The only thing we can hope for is widespread weather times! Between Wal-Mart and Amazon, they will rule the world! I have learned to stay away from all the beautiful colonial home pictures, as I then feel the need to re-do my whole house as well. I am now focused on complete outdoor re-do of gardens and ponds, so I hate to tell you, it never ends! Good luck with the new Chiropractor. Hope it helps.

deb said...

That's so sad about those dairy farmers - how awful that the market for their efforts has disappeared. I hope there is some solution to work something out for them!

(love that Pinterest picture you included)

Marilee said...

Rant alert. I stopped shopping at Walmart years ago for a variety of reasons, and I try to shop as local as possible when I can. Fortunately we have a lot of local farms for produce and dairy, but I will shop at ethically run franchises --especially if they are are locally owned as they employ local people and pay local taxes and business licenses. That said, I think that people in this country eat too much meat and processed foods -- actually, we probably eat too much of everything -- which is one reason farm animals are treated so inhumanely because it's the fastest and most economical way to make a profit. I've long held that farming is a sacred trust but Big Ag and companies like Walmart are selling out the country for their shareholders and it becomes a never ending cycle of the big guy swallowing the little guy. It's not easy, but I won't be a part of it. End of rant. That said, your brother's collection is wonderful. I love seeing your posts and readers' comments. They take me back to a simpler, slower and more ethical time.

Joyce said...

Thanks Marly for bringing this Got Milk article to other peoples attention, being a dairy farmer myself it is nice to know other people care about us. Speaking of Walmart , I read just recently where they went into so small towns opened some quick express pharmacys thereby closing the local owned ones, was there a couple of years decided not enough business so they shut the doors leaving these poor people stranded for their prescriptions. Another good reason to stay out of their stores. PS. have loved your blog for years, keep up the good work.

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