Apr 21, 2018

Beyond the crabby

Some needleworkers like to punch.   I would love to do that right now.

Some needleworkers prefer stitching.  It's what a victim of my ire would need.

Some needleworkers enjoy the finish.  Oh how I would love to get there.

Some needleworkers prefer a sharp needle.  Nothing can be sharper than my tongue.

Some needleworkers like a larger eye.  I'd like to blacken a few.

Some needleworkers like their linen to be soft in hand.  I'd rather have a rock in mine.

Some needleworkers have their threads wound.  Tight enough to break?

Some needleworkers are very nice people, with kind words, forgiveness, and patience.

And one needleworker is not.

But she will get over it.  Nothing is worth ruining a weekend, a day, an hour, when we don't know if it may be our last.  And if it's not (whew), starting it with an attitude sets the tone for a wasted day.  How many more do we have?   Daily trials and tribulations are a part of life and nothing compared to the life and death and suffering of others. Get angry, get over it.  Have an extra chocolate or two or three.  Pull up your brand new big girl panties.  Look up at the sky in the morning and start fresh.  And ponder why panties are so damn expensive.  I know why they're big.
Have a great Sunday folks.
I know I will.  Pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) does indeed help.


Christine said...

OMG ~ Can I say thank you? :0)

Barb said...

Very well said!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry something was said or done to force such a response! Just remember, life is too short to eat cheap chocolate. Go straight for the good stuff!
- Sue

deb said...

Oh dear ... I'm sorry whatever caused that stormy black cloud happened! (and yes, why are gutchies so freaking expensive? and why don't multipacks ever have the color[s] one actually wants!!)

Jean Bee said...

Great post!

Carol said...

So, so true, Marly--you just never know when your time is up... I need to remember that! Had to laugh about the cost of underwear--I took my 90 year old mom shopping for some last month and almost went into shock at the cost of a single pair of basic white ones--just crazy!

moosecraft said...

..."and ponder why panties are so damn expensive. I know why they're big." LOL! When I'm having one of those "moments" I will think of your quote...and LAUGH! :-) I hope you day gets better!


I want to know why my "panties' are so tight now--I have gained any weight and have worn the same size for along time now--but lately they feel sooo tight--same with bras!!!!
and I loved today's post--course I can get this mad just at my cross stitch or quilting some days when it won't do what I want it to do!!!!
enjoy, di

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope today is a better day 😘

Theresa Laboda said...

Sending hugs 💕

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