Apr 5, 2018


on another snow day.  They have been coming several times a day, eating the corn, and then staring at the doors until I give them more.  We're going through 50# every few days.  Soon they will have sprouts and greenery to munch on.  Our swamp of a yard is completely torn up.

The broken leg is healing in a deformed position, she is starting to put a little weight on it.  The limp is pronounced and she is easy to spot in a crowd.  But then again, when you see them several times a day, you get to know who's who by the color of their coat, face, and slight markings.  She keeps to herself somewhat and is with another group off to the right.
Taking a long ride this afternoon to the closest Cabot stain dealer, hoping to find what I'm looking for.  Lowe's carries the brand and has the deck stain in store, but not willing to order the siding stain.
Have a great day!  My sister is.  Her appetite is back and she is showered and dressed and so happy to be feeling better.


Vera said...

Glad to hear your sister is doing better. We haven't had the number of deer we normally do, but still see several once in awhile. I also haven't heard the foxes like I normally do. This winter is just plain nuts!!! More snow and sleet for us is forecast for Saturday.....

sheravery said...

I have been obsessed with thinking about your poor deer with the broken leg. I am much relieved to hear that she is, at least, still able to get around. You, and your kind husband, must be a blessing to her and her family, making it easier for them to find food. Such gorgeous creatures. Also, very happy that your sister is feeling better, and on the mend. You all have had quite the run!

Maggee said...

Gee, I do hope that the bad weather goes away for you finally. That is so nice that you are still feeding the deer, and the injured one is still coming by with family. Not a nice world for animals that are injured...She needs to bulk up and get strong! You are certainly playing a huge part in that! Hugs!

C M Designs said...

So happy that Carole is feeling so much better.
Sad about the poor deer. So good of you to feed them.
Have a good weekend. I hope you'll be able to get the stain that you want.
Charlotte in Va.

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