Apr 8, 2018


Hello people.  How has your weekend been?  I saw a post about a new season, Sprinter.  The spring that can't let go of winter.  We had 4" the day of the funeral, and it snowed again this morning.
 I want to thank everyone for the kind words of sympathy. The mass for my aunt was very nice and we gathered the rest of the day to celebrate her life and reconnect as cousins.  We learned that Aunt Helen knew.  She did.  She made a few comments the day before that looking back on, were intuitive.  There is also evidence that she awoke during the night, combed her hair, put her dentures in, and went back to bed in a perfect position with hands across her chest holding her blanket.  They say that some people can sense it, others not.  There is no way to know if that's true.  And although she is reunited with family now, I am still having a difficult time. 
So what's up with stitching?  Tweets.  I just love those hearts and decided to make a few more and if I do not want to display any more needlework, I will offer for sale. 
This piece of gorgeous dusty blue was to be a pastoral scene sampler.  I thought the blue would make a beautiful background of blue sky.  Ain't happening.  This was from a fabulous shop in Niles Ohio years ago.  Good price huh?  I decided to try a goldfinch with its striking yellow body and black wings, even though the proportion and shape won't be correct.   Close enough!  Not sure which DMC would be best. 
It is not easy to cut into a larger piece of linen, always been a problem for me.  But the only large projects I am keeping charts for would not be using this fabric.  No regrets.
Another painter came for an estimate.  We have always had a crew do the entire house in one day.  This outfit will use a cleaner, do some sanding, apply two coats to the front, all taking a full week.  I can just imagine the difference in cost.  We never had issues with the weathered wood being recoated before and don't know if I want or need the additional prep, nor am I comfortable with a washer being used on the brittle siding.  But he is highly recommended.  We shall see.  He also agreed with me that the dark bronze windows have a  reddish purple cast and need to be painted more of a neutral brown.
Hope your week starts swell!
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Rugs and Pugs said...

Sprinter. I like that word. And so true. We haven't gotten the snow like you have, but it is just c.o.l.d.

Ms Peppercorn said...

I wish that I was clever enough to think up Sprinter. fabulous. It’s profound how your Aunt knew and yet welcomed, or at least readied herself for the hereafter. I like hearing things like that.

Anonymous said...

Marly, was the shop in Nikes, Ohio The Linen Sampler? I had been there several times and had a sampler framed and matted by them many years ago. It was a lovely shop to visit. Love reading your blog.


Maggee said...

I like that word, Sprinter... definitely applies this year!!! Love that Twilight Blue! I always have a hard time cutting into a large piece of linen... I don't like having small pieces but... don't like holding any more than necessary when stitching (unless it is in a Q-snap or frame, which is not very often). When I found my mother, her legs were crossed and her hands folded on her chest...she knew. Unfortunately, it was my birthday... which is no longer enjoyable... Think of all the good things that you loved about your Aunt :) Hugs!

Carol said...

Yes! Sprinter--a great word :) As I look outside it is snowing yet again--April 9th!! Ridiculous... But, I hear rumor that we may get to 70 by Friday? Fingers crossed...

That linen is lovely and a beautiful goldfinch will look so lovely stitched on it.

I'm so sorry to read about your Aunt Helen, but it sounds like she was ready in every way. I'm sure there is a real feeling of emptiness, though, since she was the last of your aunts. I am down to one myself and she has such bad dementia.

Hope the painter works out and the estimate isn't too terribly high.

Diane Prenatt said...

3821 is a great color. I'm using it on Zweigart's 32-count "Blue Moon" right now.

Vera said...

So sorry Marly to read of your Aunt Helen's passing. I have one uncle left on my Dad's side - it's a weird feeling.

deb said...

This is definitely the year of Sprinter, and even though it was snowing the day before yesterday, today it got up in the 60's - wheee!

That 3821 looks like a goldfinch to me. Too bad it's not working on that beautiful blue fabric.

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