May 28, 2018


Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend.  Our dinner went well, except for making a pig of myself.  The ham and swiss on Hawaiian rolls were fabulous.  I added more Worcestershire to the poppy seed sauce and they were so good.  So now, I am 3 pounds away from where I was last year before losing 20 pounds.  How stupid is that?  I knew it was coming back, I said it was coming back, yet I continued grabbing that chocolate.  It's a good thing I hate the taste of alcohol because I have no will power whatsoever.

I want to sort of clarify what I was crabbing about.  No one ever asked us for financial help or the car.  We offered.  And after talking to Mark about it, he said to continue as we have been, it's none of our business what is done with the help.  He thinks it's OK to have some fun, splurge a little, enjoy your life that could be over tomorrow.   I should loosen up and follow that!

This is the Silverberry Vista petunia, the same series as the Bubblegum.  It has a pink center and is not pure white, but white.  The Amish lady told me about it last year and said it blooms as much or more than the pink. 

I stuck with my plan to have less this year until I saw two $5 impatiens baskets at Home Depot that match the pink perfectly.  And that's it.  The geraniums for the front won't be put out for a few weeks, until the painters are finished.  It looks like it won't be done this week, rain predicted for several days. 

My peonies are starting to bloom and I'm sure the coming storms will flatten them.  I looked for a support stand but didn't find one.  Maybe I'll just tie them together to the fence.  I saw a yellow peony posted on Facebook and it's very pretty, but I'm not interested in even preparing a spot.  When your dirt is clay and loaded with tree roots, it's a hassle to dig and amend.

I followed a tip from you and soaked my feet every night to speed up the Baby Foot peeling process.  Success!  Thanks.

Hope your week goes well.

Thanks for visiting.



Vickie said...

The Silverberry Vista petunias are lovely. So is everything else blooming by you!

Mary said...

I miss my peonies, a few year back they just stopped blooming! Your helping your sister's family is nice but...I think picking to pay for two bills would be better than money. I know gifts should come with no strings but this way you do give your sister extra money without you having to worry about unpaid bills. The car well, you do did promise to nephew so I think there you are committed. We all have family and may say do whatever you want will the gift but still we do think" I wouldn't do that". It is only human nature.

Vera said...

Beautiful flowers. Our peonies are finally blooming...but as always, covered in ants, so I won't bring any inside.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Your flowers are just GORGEOUS, and I LOVE the new containers, too!! You always come up with wonderful ideas for displaying them!!! Wish I had a green thumb!!!!! *sigh*
Hope you have a wonderful week!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

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